About Me

Tools Auditor Author

Hey, there!

It’s me, Arthur Kyser Morn aka AKM.

I’m the proud founder and author of Tools Auditor. I’m a content marketer, a dad of 2 lovely sons, and a handyman. I love trying out new tools, and together with my team, I’ve been creating helpful guides since 2017 with tools and DIY tips.

Tools Auditor is among the leading authority when it comes to equipment reviews and DIY tops.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you achieve the proper skill in this tools industry. I do the testing and researching for you, so you don’t have to strain yourself too much.

I also share the best techniques for installations, repairs, and how-to user guides. You will find a wide range of tools-related problem-solving articles on this blog.

I have been working on this website for a very long time.

You are welcome to contact me any time you have questions or comments.

– Arthur