Top 10 Best Angle Grinders for Wood Carving

Today’s power tools save time in the shop while improving both accuracy and results. An angle grinder for woodworking is the best tool that allows woodworkers to cut, shape, and smooth timber quickly.

Several attachments are available that can transform a piece of lumber into an ornate decoration when an artist uses an angle grinder for wood carving. Another advantage is the portability of the power tool, which allows the sculptor to work around large pieces of wood.

The best angle grinders for wood carving are ergonomic in design, making them comfortable to use all day long. An angle grinder tool is a necessity when carving logs and other timber with lots of surface area.

A good power angle grinder tool not only improves your woodworking but also increases the enjoyment of your woodworking hobby or profession. Nothing beats grinding away excess wood to find the hidden character that exists below.

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10 Best Angle Grinders for Wood Carving:

Best Angle Grinders for Wood Carving

1. DeWalt DWE402 Angle Grinder Tool

[amazon fields=”B00RVZ7DNO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DeWalt DWE402 Angle Grinder Tool”]

A durable angle grinder for wood carving design would be the DWE402, using impact-resistant plastics and cast metal for its housing. The color is high contrast, making it easy to track on job sites and in the shop. It ships at 15.63 inches L x 5.94 inches W x 4.81 inches in height and weighs 6.2 pounds.

Out of the box, the angle grinder is 12 inches in length, with a wide handle that may feel bulky to small-handed users. It uses 4.5-inch discs, which is standard for a wood carving angle grinder. A spindle lock holds discs in place during changeouts, with easy off-hand reach on top of the tool.

The DeWalt angle grinder uses a next-generation AC/DC electric motor that reaches 11,000 RPMs under no-load conditions. That motor activates with a paddle switch and includes a lock-on button. It provides a fast shutdown once the paddle is released, increasing safety as you work.


  • A large paddle trigger provides extra control and safety
  • Has adequate heat dissapating capabilities to stay cool with long sessions
  • Simple features make it easy for beginners and experienced power tool users
  • Top-mounted location of the spindle lock is ideal during changeouts
  • The side-handle design is new and provides good ergonomic comfort
  • It uses high-impact plastics that will absorb small drops without damage


  • A wider handle can make the tool less-comfortable for small hands
  • The construction designed angle grinder does not include a case

2. Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B0010DHFTK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder”]

A wood carving grinder might not require construction-grade protection for shop use, and the Makita angle grinder highlights that. It uses impact-resistant plastics and cast aluminum but in a more compact design friendlier to small hands.

An overall length of 10.75-inches and a 2.5-inch diameter barrel makes it smaller. A total tool weight of 4.5 pounds is light compared to others and will allow you to go longer without resting your hand and arm.

Makita designed this product to use the 4.5-inch grinder wheels, allowing you to equip a wide range of accessories. That includes the multitude of wood-specific wheels that allows this to be an angle grinder for wood carving.

A 7.5 amp electric motor creates more than enough power and torque for cutting, shaping, and smoothing wood. The single-speed design generates up to 11,000 RPMs under no-load.


  • Interior components are well-protected from dust and debris
  • Its paddle switch is easy to operate and does not increase the barrel grip’s diameter
  • The 4.5 pound angle grinder is lightweight which causes less arm fatigue
  • Makita offers a dust extraction shroud designed to fit the 9557PBX1 (sold separetly)
  • Uses a 7.5 amp induction-style electric motor to provide plenty of power
  • Includes a hardshell case and several wheels


  • Less room in the barrel grip can increase heat build-up somewhat with long sessions
  • The one feature that is lacking is a variable speed control to drop the RPMs lower

3. Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B00004SUOU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder”]

The 1375A ships at 14.4 inches L x 5.2 inches W x 5.2 inches H and weighs over four pounds. Out of the box, the angle grinder for wood carving is 10.5 inches long and weighs 3.75 pounds, more compact than some.

The smaller size is due, in part, to the use of a 6-amp induction electric motor. That might feel underwhelming compared to the Makita, but it should suffice for most carving. It uses 4.5-inch discs at a single speed of 11,000 RPMs without a load applied.

Sealed switches and windings last longer against dust, which the wood carving angle grinder does generate. Bosch offers a dust shroud, but it may take time to locate. Third-party discs can work if they can mount on a 5/8-inch 11 arbor.


  • A balanced housing design helps keep the angle grinder where you want it
  • The “service” brushes shut down the electric motor when it is time to replace them
  • Its burst protection gaurd is metal and should provide superior deflection abilities
  • A two-position side handle can be adjusted to a natural angle to the user
  • One of the lightest 4.5-inch designs at only 3.75 pounds
  • Its design absorbs and dissapates vibrations so there is less transfer into your hand and wrist


  • The accessory line can be hard to locate, especially in the North American market
  • A 6-amp electric motor is the minimum recomendation and may be underpowered for some carving applications

4. Black & Decker BDEG400 Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B00RZV20CS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Black & Decker BDEG400 Angle Grinder”]

The BDEG400 has been redesigned and will make a decent entry-level angle grinder for wood carving projects. It ships at 12.5 inches L x 5.19 inches W x 4.63 inches in height, with a weight of just under 4.5 pounds.

An average build design does not stand out here, but the components can become warm when used for long carving sessions.

A 6.5-amp induction electric motor provides a bit more power than Bosch, and any increase improves the performance of a wood carving grinder.

It can rotate a 4.5-inch disc at 10,000 RPMs under no-load conditions. The stand-out feature here is the auxiliary handle, with three positions to better control the grinder as you work.


  • It has a low price point that might appeal to those just starting to build their power tool collection
  • The auxiliary handle adjusts for right or left hands as well as a top position
  • A 6.5 amp induction electric motor is a slight increase over previous angle grinders under the same model number
  • It comes with a two-year limited warranty that is ample for a power tool at this price
  • A rubber coating on the barrel provides grip and absorbs some of the vibrations generated by the disc
  • Former Sears house brand is now available at several locations


  • Design and components can make the angle grinder heat up if used for longer periods of time
  • Its budget-friendly price comes at a sacrifice in build quality and product design

5. Metabo HPT G12SR4 Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B07L21GNHL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Metabo HPT G12SR4 Angle Grinder”]

Metabo HPT is the rebranding of Hitachi power tools in the North American market. The angle grinder for wood carving measures about 10.15 inches L x 4.5 inches W x 2 inches H and weighs four pounds.

Those dimensions make it easy to use for a full day’s work, and the low height gets into tight corners.

Metabo HPT’s name is not the only redo here, with the induction electric motor redesigned. It now offers 6.2 amps at 980 watts, with a no-load speed of 10,000 RPMs on the 4.5-inch discs.

One thing worth noting is the warranty on this potential wood carving angle grinder. Online registration greatly improves the one-year limited warranty out of the box.


  • It has an induction motor upgrade that offers slightly more power while running more efficiently
  • The compact design fits into tight spaces and is easier to use for extended periods
  • A forward-canted design on the side handle provides increased control for left or right-handed users
  • It has a budget-friendly price tag but comes with a storage case and several discs
  • The switch position makes it easy for right-handed users to slide quickly for fast shutdowns
  • Its Gearbox provides plenty of torque for most wood carving applications and light metal fabrication


  • A one-year base warranty is a bit underwhelming for a major brand’s power tool coverage
  • The extra pads included in the kit may not be handy for woodworkers using the angle grinder to carve wood

6. Makita 9564CV Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B00005Q7BE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Makita 9564CV Angle Grinder”]

The second Makita on this review list ships at 16.0 inches L x 6.0 inches W x 6 inches H and weighs 7.21 pounds. Out of the box, it has a length of 11.75 inches and weighs just over five pounds. It is bulky compared to other wood carving grinder designs, but it is more powerful.

The induction motor Makita uses in this product is over double the other Makita amperage, rating 13-amps. It also has variable speed controls, allowing the user to drop RPMs from 10,500 down to 2,800. That will handle carving projects with burning, making it a good angle grinder for wood carving.

Makita’s chip-related technology keeps the tool running smoothly and protects interior components. That includes SJS gear technology and soft-start chip control to prevent hard starts that damage gear teeth.


  • The 13-amp induction electric motor provides power and torque for any woodcarving application
  • Makita offers a dust shroud as a separate purchase to help manage sawdust and debris
  • The motor has a variable speed control with an adjustable range between 2,800 and 10,500 RPMs
  • A larger motor and gear design results in a more durable housing being used
  • Softstart technology helps to extend the life of the gears and suppresses start-up reaction
  • Spiral bevel gear design provides smoother rotation for the discs


  • The higher price tag might place the angle grinder out of reach of new wood carvers
  • A one-year limied warranty is underwhelming for a power tool from Makita

7. Skil 9295-01 Angle Grinder Tool

[amazon fields=”B0036WBGI4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Skil 9295-01 Angle Grinder Tool”]

Skil’s 4.5-inch angle grinder shipping measurements are 13.1 inches L x 5.5 inches W x 5.5 inches H and weighing more than five pounds. It does not stand out in overall size or weight, but the reduced handle length promotes better control at the barrel.

The position of the power switch at the top of the handle allows for thumb activation for left or right-handed users.

The angle grinder for wood carving uses a minimalistic 6.0-amp electric motor. It can still function as a decent wood carving angle grinder due to the increased torque.

The disc can rotate up to 11,000 RPMs without a load present, but the gear design will cause slower rotation during carving.


  • A compact handle design keeps hands ideally placed while reducing vibration from the discs
  • Heavy-duty cast metal is used on the business end of the angle grinder to increase durability
  • Skil’s experience with worm gears helps to increase the torque on this tool up to 17.7 pounds
  • A flare on the end of the auxiliary handle helps prevent a user’s hand from slipping as they work
  • The lock switch is placed along the top of the barrel for left or right-handed convenience
  • It comes at a lower price point that novice woodcarvers and those starting power tool collections will appreciate


  • A 6-amp induction electric motor is bare minimum for carving wood or metal fabricating
  • The interior components on this budget-friendly product are lower quality and can break down easily

8. Neiko 10529A Angled Power Drill Grinder

[amazon fields=”B000XUHA8C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Neiko 10529A Angled Power Drill Grinder”]

The 10529A is compact compared to angle grinders, with measurements in the box of 12.0 inches L x 2.9 inches W x 4.9 inches H and a weight listing of 3.25 pounds.

A unique body shape bulges along the lower portion and tapers near the chuck, a contour not seen on most angle grinder for wood carving housings.

It uses a small 3.8-amp electric motor to drive bits and other attachments. That will work for small attachments on soft materials, but it might bog down when using wide bits on dense grains. The variable control speed range of 0 to 1,400 RPMs is excellent for drilling and shaping wood.


  • Its variable speed control goes from 0 to 1,400 RPMs for greater versatility
  • A taper on the handle provides a comfortable grip and aligns the palm near the top of the tool
  • Its chuck will use fewer wood carving grinder discs but can hold other wood bits and attachments
  • Four vents provide adequate air circulation and should help reduce heat build-up
  • A keyed chuck is able to hold attachments more tightly than a keyless design is able to hold
  • It has a direction button located on the handle that can be set to either forward or reverse operations


  • Its 3.8-amp electric motor will become overworked if used for extended periods of time
  • A 3/8-inch chuck is going to limit the number of attachments that users can find that are wood-friendly

9. Makita 9557PB Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B0009OR8XO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Makita 9557PB Angle Grinder”]

The 9557PB is the third wood carving angle grinder reviewed in this list. It ships with dimensions of 14.0 inches L x 5.0 inches W x 6 inches in height.

The shipping weight of 6.47 pounds drops to 4.5 pounds out of the box. It is 10.75 inches long when working, and the 2.5-inch barrel housing is great for woodworkers with small hands.

The angle grinder for wood carving uses a 7.5-amp electric motor that should provide consistent rotation through cuts. It has an RPM rating of 11,000 and uses 4.5-inch discs.

A switch allows you to change between AC and DC power settings, giving you more options on the job or in your shop. Several design features, like sealed components, increase durability.


  • An AC/DC paddle switch allows users to select between different power sources
  • The paddle switch is large and extends across the bottom of the barrel housing
  • Its induction electric motor rates at 7.5-amps for plenty of power during carving sessions
  • All ball-bearing design is efficient and last longer than more traditional set ups
  • A lock-on and lock-off feature keeps things running when you want and prevents starts when you do not
  • Weighs only 4.5 pounds so longer wood carving sessions will result in less-fatigue


  • The product model number here is for the angle grinder only and does not include extras
  • Makita again provides an underwhelming warranty on an angle grinder that should be at least doubled the length

10. Merlin2 10005 Mini-Angle Grinder for Wood

[amazon fields=”B0178XM3S8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Merlin2 10005 Mini-Angle Grinder for Wood”]

A smaller angle grinder for wood carving is useful in tight spaces near limbs, as well as projects like spoons. The Merlin2 mini-angle grinder arrives packaged at 13.2 inches L x 8.0 inches W x 4.75 inches H and weighing 3.04 pounds.

Once unpacked, the tool is 11.5 inches long and weighs only 1.1 pounds. Woodworkers get plenty of reach for the two-inch attachments using the long nose.

The small motor uses a speed control knob to adjust RPMs from 4,000 up to 15,000. King Arthur’s Tools offers a complete line of accessories (currently around 50), with a sampling included with your purchase. The eight-tooth chainsaw will make quick work of most wood.


  • A smaller size is ideal for a wood carving grinder that will be used for spoons and similar projects
  • It has variable speed controls that range from 4,000 to 15,000 RPMs for a variety of applications
  • The long nose design allows the attachment to reach deeper than other angle grinders
  • Its spiral gear system is durable and transfers power with minimal lose
  • A multitude of two-inch accesories are available that expand this angle grinder’s capabilities
  • Six accessories and a soft bag complete the kit, including the eight-tooth chainsaw


  • The price tag on this full kit will be high for those just starting in wood carving or anyone with limited shop budgets
  • It would have been nice to have a hard case instead of a soft bag to protect this expensive purchase

Things to Consider Before Buying an Angle Grinder for Wood

Motor Power

Most electric induction motors have amperage ratings. You want your handheld wood carving grinder to have at least a 6 amp motor. That minimum is powerful enough to spin attachments at a proper speed and offer sufficient torque.

Ratings below that become overworked, binding discs and wearing out motor components. Higher ratings are good and penetrate dense wood grains easily.

Disc Size

The standard disc size for most angle grinders is 4.5 inches. That should provide plenty of penetration for carving with angle grinder tools. You will only need more cutting depth to remove large chunks of wood, better handled by other power tools.

Smaller discs are useful for detail work, but woodworkers will find that disc size has the largest selection of accessories.

Disc Speed

Rotational speed on an angle grinder rates by Rotations Per Minute (RPMs). Most products range in the 5,000 to 10,000 RPM range. An angle grinder for woodworking often does better at lower RPM ranges.

The faster a disc spins, the more heat it builds up. Hot discs can burn wood during a cut. Look for adjustable speed settings when possible.

Durability and Construction

Fortunately, angle grinders are made for cutting metal and stone in commercial settings. That means the build quality should suffice for wood carving. As a woodworker, your concern will be with the durability of the electric motor and gears.

Shop for designs that reduce heat and have safety shutdowns. Brushless motors have fewer moving parts. Avoid thin plastic components.

Dust Management

Most angle grinders do not come with dust extraction features. Some manufacturers offer additional attachments to help remove dust and debris, but these are rare.

Angle grinders are designed for metals and masonry, where dust management involves water on the workpiece. Exterior shop vacs and extraction hoods on your work surface can help. Your best protection is PPE, however.

Angle Grinder Brushes

The brushes here are not an angle grinder wood carving attachment, but the brushes installed on the tool itself. These wear down with use, and should be replaced when they reach .25-inches.

Brush designs that are manufactured highlight are worth noting, as longer-lasting brushes require less maintenance. Well-maintained brushes keep your angle grinder working at its best.


Using an angle grinder for woodworking involves lots of cutting over long operating sessions. Ergonomics is crucial when looking at buying one of these power tools.

A tool’s weight is a factor, but most grinders are similar here. What is attention-worthy is handle design, as this is the point of contact with your body. Padding and texture are also worth considering.

Price and Warranties

Woodworkers can find deals on angle grinders, with kits offering a cheap way to get both tools and accessories for beginners. One thing to watch is sales throughout the year, like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, where you can get power tools cheap.

Today’s warranty packages should be at least three years, with at least a 30-day money-back guarantee offered.

Additional Features

A corded design offers more power consistently, but going with a cordless allows for carving with angle grinder anywhere.

Variable speed adjustments provide more control as you work, and an adjustable handle is comfortable. Consider a brushless motor so you will not need to replace brushes.

Handguards and soft start features offer you and the grinder more protection. Finally, a spindle lock is convenient to have as it makes swapping attachments fast and easy.

What is Wood Carving Work?

Wood carving involves using a chisel, knife, or other cutting tools to shape a piece of wood. It has been practiced throughout the ages by many cultures around the world. Timber is not as durable as metal or stone, but it is easier to work with hand tools or a hand held wood carving grinder.

Cutting wood with angle grinder discs or other tool edges allows for fast removal of excess wood. A skilled craftsperson can create ornate decorations, figurines, or scrolled reliefs. Selecting the proper wood and grain pattern to carve is considered a skill in itself.

Guide to Wood Carving with Angle Grinder

1. Carving with Angle Grinder Tools Starts with Safety

You are working with blades and discs spinning at high rates of speed, so PPE is necessary. A face shield is ideal, but you want safety glasses at a minimum. The motors and bits generate high decibel levels, so do not skip your ear protection. Protecting your lungs from sanding dust is also advisable.

2. Select Wood and Secure it Before using a Hand Held Wood Carving Grinder on it

Here, you can select between dry and greenwood, as well as the species to work. From there, you can plan your carving around grain patterns, knots, or other features in the wood itself. On fallen trees or logs, now is the time to clear a path to access the project from all sides.

The next step to using an angle grinder for wood carving is to secure the workpiece. You want to keep both hands free from holding the wood, so use clamps or a vise to prevent movement. Larger pieces of timber can rock or slide, so shore them up before an angle grinder wood carving blade touches wood.

3. Slow is Best with an Angle Grinder for Wood Working

Slowly drop your disc edge into the wood fibers. Cutting, shaping, and sanding should be a process and not a race. That helps prevent taking too much wood at once or having the disc bind in the wood as you work.

How to Check the Compatibility of a Wood Carving Angle Grinder

1. Safety Features Make the Best Angle Grinder for Wood Carving

The exposed abrasive and cutting discs can injure you if they make contact with your skin. Your best protection against this is tool control, and an auxiliary handle provides this. Automatic shut-off features and disc guards also improve tool safety on the angle grinder for woodworking you decide to buy.

2. The Angle Grinder Wood Carving Blade Selection is Important

The most compatible angle grinder for wood carving design will do you little good if you can not equip the right attachments. Most discs and other accessories are intended for use on materials like metal or stone. That makes finding attachments compatible with woodworking more difficult, but not impossible.

As wood carving grinder accessories continue to grow in popularity, product designs are improved to prevent discs from binding in wood grain or chipping cutting edges.

3. An Angle Grinder for Wood Carving must be Compact

Some grinders are wide, preventing woodworkers from reaching into tight positions. A compatible wood grinding angle grinder is small enough to cut and sand in irregularly shaped areas.


1. Can You Use Angle Grinder to Cut Wood?

Yes! Several attachments provide the edge needed for cutting wood with an angle grinder. The discs can slice through wood fibers at a right angle from the handle, easily removing material.

2. Can You Use a Flap Disc on Wood?

Flap discs are popular with woodworkers and complement other angle grinder wood carving blade designs. Start with larger grits before stepping down to the 120-grit flap disc for smooth surfaces.

3. What is a Paddle Switch on Angle Grinder?

A paddle switch is an activation lever that you hold as you work. It is a wood grinding angle grinder feature that improves safety by stopping the motor once released.

So, What’s The Best Angle Grinder for Wood Carving?

The products included in the 10 wood carving angle grinders reviews above represent many designs features worth considering. That said, DeWalt’s DWE402 4.5-Inch Angle Grinder is the best bang for your bucks.

The best angle grinder for wood carving work is intended for construction site use, making it durable enough for most wood carving adventures. Its induction-style electric motor has been redesigned, offering 11.0-amps of power.

You can use either AC or DC power sources, and the single-speed angle grinder for wood carving generates up to 11,000 RPMs under no-load.

A large paddle switch controls power, allowing you to grip it in several places while offering fast shutdowns if you drop it. The housing has plenty of vents and uses cast aluminum, which helps to dissipate heat over long carving sessions. Over-sized brushes last longer, and they are simple to swap out when the time comes.

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