Picking the Right Float Switches for Water Tanks

Float switches are essential devices in any water storage system. They help to regulate the level of water in a tank, ensuring that it is always at the correct level. Not only are they essential for tank stability, but they also play a role in conserving water.

Homeowners may use float switches on septic systems and sump pumps as well as water tanks.

When it comes to choosing the best quality float switches, there are a few factors to consider. In this article, I’ll discuss the different types that are available on the market.

What is a Float Switch?

A float switch is a type of electrical switch that is used in water tanks and other systems to control the flow of water into or out of the tank.

When the level in the tank falls below a certain threshold, the switch closes, stopping flow into or out of the tank.

Open-loop systems use a floating object (float) that rises and falls with changes in water levels. When it detects an increase above a predetermined level, it triggers the closure of the valve which stops input/output to/from the tank.

Closed-loop systems use a movable part that sits on an adjustable level and closes when the water falls below the set point.

Best Float Switch for Water Tank
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Best Float Switch for Water Tank Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing a float switch for a water tank, there are a few things that you should consider.

Type Of Float Switch

There are two main types of float switches, closed-loop, and open-loop systems.

Closed-loop systems use an inflatable bladder to determine when the water level has fallen below a certain threshold; this triggers the switch closure, stopping the flow of water into or out of the tank.

Open-loop systems use a float that rises and falls with the water level; when the switch detection device senses that the water has risen above a certain point, it triggers the switch closure, stopping flow into or out of the tank.


When choosing a float switch for your water tank, you will need to consider how you want to install it. Some switches can be mounted on an existing wall mount or ceiling box; others require installation on new ground anchor points (piping).

Control Options

Another important consideration when purchasing a float switch for your water tank is the control options that are available.

Some switches allow you to toggle between on and off modes, while others provide adjustable flow rates or time-delay settings.

Water Level Monitoring

One final factor to consider when purchasing a float switch for your water tank is whether or not you need water level monitoring.

Many switches come with built-in sensors that detect the water levels in the tank and provide real-time information to the control unit.

Why is a Float Switch Important for Water Tank

A float switch is essential for closed-loop systems that use an adjustable level to control input/output.

Without a switch, the only way to stop input or output would be to physically shut off the valve at the tank. This can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if the valve is located on an inaccessible part of the tank.

A float switch also improves efficiency by preventing backflow from entering when there’s no water flowing into or out of the tank.

So, What’s the Best Float Switch for Your Water Tank?

I have discussed all the features of a great float switch that you can use to improve the safety of your water tank. You don’t need expensive or complicated devices to achieve this.

Float switches come in various configurations, with pressure ranges and leakage ratings, so you can find one that is ideal for your needs.

When selecting a float switch, be sure to consider factors such as the type of tank it will be used with (above or below ground), the weight of objects that could fall into or onto the tank while it is empty (heavy items require more gravity to pull them down), and the level of water pressure in your home.

As a starting point, look for a durable model with different tether lengths that you can tailor to your needs. The Sump Alarm Float Switch* is a simple model that is appropriate for a number of uses, but be sure to confirm that it does everything you need.

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