Hanged Gymnastic Rings in Garage – Here’s How

Gym rings are a crucial part of the workout routines of many popular fitness centers and training programs.

Can You Hang the Gymnastic Rings in the Garage?

You can add them to your garage or home gym. They permit you to perform different types of exercises with just a bar and rings.

You can take advantage of them for strength training, functional fitness, cross-training, etc. Novices and expert fitness trainers alike can benefit from their usage, as the applications are so many.

In this post, I will show you how to hang gym rings in the garage.


Is it safe to hang gymnastic rings on the garage ceiling?

It entirely depends on the sturdiness of your ceiling. If you have access to the attic, you can verify the strength of the ceiling and find the joist. Otherwise, you need to use a stud finder for locating the joist. 

The reason you need to find the joist is that you need to ensure that the ceiling is secure to hold your weight with the board and rings.

Here the stud finder does its job by helping you find the nails. Use the magnetic stud finder if you don’t have access to the attic. 

Joist can be the best option for you to hang the rings. Now, once you locate the joist, make a straight line to ensure that the ring’s hanger is easy to attach in a straight line. 

Next, we have to finally attach the ring hanger and then the ring to the ceiling of the garage. Let’s see how we can do it in a few steps. 

How to Hang Gymnastic Rings in Garage

Usually, people prefer to have the rings at a perfectly calculated height. This is the reason they go for the outdoor option, either in a park or any other open place.

However, your garage can be a perfect place for it too. It is an indoor setup, but you can open the door while training.

Right now, all you need is a perfect space for hanging the rings. Tools needed for installing gymnastic rings at the garage:

  • Lag bolts
  • drill with bits
  • Socket wrench
  • Pencil or marker
  • Boards (one or two)
  • Saw (if you need to cut the board in pieces)

Step 1: Mark the anchor points with a pencil

Step one of hanging gymnastic rings from the ceiling joist is to know the position of the joist in your ceiling. You’ll use a stud finder to locate the joists in your ceiling, as we mentioned earlier. 

Measure the straight line after you’ve found the joist, and when hanging the boards, you’ll want to use the joists for support. Your joists should be measured and marked.

Next, we have to drill the holes. 

Step 2: Drill pilot holes, and then insert screws

Drilling pilot holes in garage ceiling

Drill pilot holes somewhat smaller in diameter than the lag bolts in the selected positions for your lag bolts. After that, the board should be bolted to the ceiling.

Insert the screws to fit the board to the ceiling. Just make sure that you have a firm ladder to perform this step. You do not want to hurt yourself while drilling the holes. 

Then, next, you have to choose the place to hang the rings. 

Step 3: Choose where you want to hang the rings

Choose the place where you want to hang the ring. In order to do it successfully, run the strap through and see which place suits the best to balance the weight.

And you can also measure the distance between the straps to calculate the distance between hanging rings. All the steps are to ensure you have steady results and reliable hanging rings.

Next, move to the final step. 

Step 4: Loop the strap through, and you are done

Now, you know the suitable place to hang the ring. Just run the strap through and hang it. Attach the rings to the end of each strap. You are done. 

Step 5: Check the sturdiness of the ring hanger

The final step is to check the reliability of the hanger by actually hanging some weight on it.  After you’ve installed them, make sure they’re tight enough by testing them.

If you see any slack where it shouldn’t be, or if you hear creaking noises that indicate your mount is shaky, you may need to beef up your ring’s security.

Each side should be tested separately. Pull the ring as hard as you can with one arm. Lift yourself off your feet slowly if it appears stable. If it’s properly secured, each ring should be able to handle more than enough of your complete bodyweight.

If you’ve checked both sides and they’re both able to handle your entire body without incident, they’re safe to use during your workout.

And if the ring is unsteady, you may need to adjust the way it’s bolted to the joists. This may need the use of different, more durable joists than the ones you originally selected.

Once you know the rings are reliable, you are good to start your workout routine anytime you want.

Final Step: Hang the rings

Hanging Gymnastic Rings in Garage

Now, the final step is to put the rings on a strap. Once you have checked the sturdiness of the ring hangers/straps, you can finally hand rings in the strap. Attach them and test their firmness by taking them in your hands.

Now that you know how to hang gymnastic rings in the garage and have hung the rings, start your training. And as long as you have set up the rings in the proper location and evaluated their firmness, you are good to go.

Most people, especially those who have been training for a long time, find training with rings to be humbling.

However, the difficulties you’ll endure early in your training with the rings will pay off well. They’ll strengthen you in ways that straight bar work can’t.

Can you hang gymnastic rings from rafters? 

If possible, hanging gymnastic rings in garage rafters may be the best and perfect scenario for training at home. Simply be cautious throughout the installation and ensure that everything is as sturdy and secure as possible. 

When you’re on the rings with your head down, the worst thing that could happen is a material failure. Please use caution and only do this if you are certain you can make it safe or employ someone who can do it.

1. Choose the rafters and measure the distance

Carefully select the rafters where you want to anchor the board. And ensure they are strong enough to carry your body weight. Secondly, make sure the distance is proper; otherwise, it will be completely useless. 

2. Set the board

Now, attach the board to the rafters using bolts or eye bolts and test its sturdiness. We would suggest you choose the metal board for it. 

3. Hang the straps

Once you have the board anchored with rafters, time to hang the straps carefully. Remember that you must buy adjustable straps to adjust the distance according to the routine requirements. If needed, you can adjust them later. 

4. Now set the ring in the startup

Set up the ring in the strap by hanging it up in it, and you are good to start your training routine. Training with gymnastic rings is an exceptionally effective way of strengthening the core and building the upper body.

The rings’ instability boosts the workout’s intensity, making it much more difficult yet effective than it would be on a bar. Also, there are numerous exercises that you can’t perform on a bar, including the iron cross, dips, push-ups, etc. They are a handy and versatile tool due to their height adjustment and portability.

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