Top 10 Best 7-Inch Angle Grinder Models

Choosing the best 7-inch angle grinders should be easier. A 7-inch angle grinder is a basic tool to have in your workshop or at a construction site. The tool is used for a wide variety of tasks including polishing, sanding, sharpening, and tile cutting. Using the angle grinder, you will be able to do all of that. As mentioned above, these angle grinders can be useful for more than grinding projects.

Top 7-Inch Angle Grinders

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10 Best 7-Inch Angle Grinders:

Best 7 Inch Angle Grinders

1. Makita GA7021 Angle Grinder with AC/DC Switch

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With its powerful 15 AMP motor, this 7-inch angle grinder brings consistent performance to your tasks. The Makita GA7021 Angle Grinder, with AC/DC Switch, can put out up to 6,600 RPM and can handle a lot of heavy-duty work. This large angle grinder is not made for delicate applications, but for big industrial projects.

All of the metal gear housing is very rugged by design to avoid deterioration. The motor on this angle grinder is also sealed off from dust build-up with protective Zig-Zag varnish.

The brushes can be accessed from the outside to make maintenance easier. The wheel guard is tool-less. This feature makes it simple to make slight adjustments efficiently.

All of these features allow you to worry less about maintenance on your grinder and more about the project at hand.

For your comfort, there is a side handle that can be repositioned. There are three different positions available on this grinder. And you can rotate the switch handle either left or right by 90 degrees.

The rear trigger switch is equipped with a lock-on for added convenience. Experience the ease of use with this angle grinder for yourself. It weighs a little over 15 pounds, which may be somewhat heavy.


  • Rubber tool rest for protection
  • Adjustable side handle
  • Easy-to-service brushes
  • Inside sealed against contaminants
  • Protective varnish for longer tool lifespan
  • Comes with 7 inch grinding wheel


  • Only has fixed-speed settings
  • A little heavy for long periods of use

2. DEWALT DWE4517 8,500 RPM Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B007A5YWSO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DEWALT DWE4517 8,500 RPM Angle Grinder”]

The angle grinder tool has a high-powered motor that runs at 4 horsepower and delivers up to 8,500 RPM.

Thanks to the overload protection built into this 7-inch concrete grinder, you can operate it at higher operating speeds. This is true even under load.

This overload protection is intended to prolong the life of the grinder. A 3-year limited warranty comes attached for your security and peace of mind.

All of the important components, like the armature and field, on this metal tool are coated with epoxy. The epoxy helps prevent abrasion from natural debris in the air. A unique feature involving the brushes is built into this grinder, too.

The brushes shut down automatically when they need to be changed. You can avoid serious damage with this shut-off feature. The brush window is also visible for quick replacement when the shut-down feature triggers.

Move this angle grinder around without trouble using a 2-position side handle. The low-profile gear case lets you work in tight spaces.

Together, these two features make this one of the most easy-to-control grinders available. Store this grinder away when you are done in a handy carrying case. The inner gears will stay even better protected from damage or wear.


  • Comes with a case
  • Has overload protection
  • 2-position side handle for easy maneuverability
  • Easy brush replacement design
  • Low-profile for easy access
  • Brushes turn off when they need to be changed


  • Limited by cord
  • Only has fixed-speed settings

3. Metabo Angle Grinder with 15 Amp Motor

[amazon fields=”B07MFG6SJZ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Metabo 7-Inch Angle Grinder with 15 Amp Motor”]

Use the Metabo HPT Angle Grinder for the most heavy-duty applications in your workshop. With 15 AMP of power and a maximum speed of 8,500 RPM, the hand-angle grinder is designed to produce exceptional results.

It produces forcible 3950W output and has enough torque to handle the toughest jobs. In its class, this power tool leads to overload durability. You will not need to service it often.

A halved stator design gives this grinder more cooling efficiency than other models. This also provides for higher motor reliability.

A labyrinth-style construction makes it harder for debris to get into the motor bearings. You can expect smoother operation for the entire lifetime of the grinder.

And all of the armored coils are protected with varnish and protection tape. Particles from grinding projects are less likely to find their way inside the coils.

And although this is not a variable speed angle grinder, it has other great elements. It has an exceptionally high power-to-weight ratio that allows for better control.

At only 10.8 pounds, this angle grinder is not unwieldy. It also has a side handle for more acute handling and adjustments.


  • Incredibly light design
  • Vibration control reduces it by up to 60%
  • Epoxy-coating limits damage from abrasive debris
  • Has latest deadman switch feature
  • Smoother power transmission
  • Easy-to-service brushes


  • Only has fixed-speed settings
  • Has brushes that must be replaced

4. Makita 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B076BJK8LT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Makita 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Paddle Switch Angle Grinder”]

Be productive and comfortable while using the angle grinder. The Makita 18V Lithium-Ion Grinder with electric brake combines exceptional durability with high levels of comfort and control.

Handling this tool is a breeze with the vibration-absorbing back handle. This handle is isolated from the motor to reduce the vibrations a user feels. There is also a toolless grinding guard for quick adjustments.

If the grinding wheel or disc is forced to stop unexpectedly, the Electronic Torque Control cuts off rotation. There is a reduced chance of injury or maintenance. Protective seals inside this battery-powered, cordless grinder channel dust and water away from delicate parts.

The inner components will last longer and require less service. A protective roll cage on the back also protects the exposed lithium batteries and helps prevent injury.

To be as efficient as possible with your grinding or cutting work, this angle grinder has an electric brake. In 4.5 seconds, everything will shut off immediately when you press it to increase productivity.

Instead of one battery, this tool uses two. Both lithium batteries together provide maximum run time and 36V of power.


  • Electric brake to ensure maximum productivity
  • Vibration-absorbing handle
  • Protective roll cage attached
  • Internal seals channel debris away from delicate parts
  • Cordless for easy carry and use
  • Turns off automatically if wheel forced to stop


  • Must charge lithium batteries
  • Must use Makita batteries

5. Makita 8,000 RPM Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B000RQ4L0M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Makita 8,000 RPM Angle Grinder”]

Work smarter instead of harder with the Angle Grinder from Makita. This hand-angle grinder is designed with the best power and speed ratings on the market.

It puts out 15 AMP of power in the motor and runs at 8,000 RPM at its best. This tool is rugged and ready for heavy-duty jobs. Compared to some other electric-powered options, this has a voltage of 127 V.

Multiple features make this grinder more comfortable and easy to control. It has a rotatable rear handle. This handle can be put on different areas to help with different grinder applications.

There is also a soft start feature that provides a smoother start-up than other models. You will not be jerked around by this tool. This handle is also low-vibration with a soft grip. You will experience exceptional control every time you use it.

All of the gear housing is metal to give this grinder more protection from wear and tear. The seals have a labyrinth design that stops dust from getting to the delicate bearings and motor.

This tool will last longer and perform better thanks to this protection. A zig-zag varnish adds another layer of seal to the armature.


  • Easy clamping with tool-less wheel guard
  • All-metal gear housing is more protected
  • Low-vibration rear handle for more control
  • Rear handle is easily positioned
  • Anti-dust varnish seals the motor from debris
  • Heavy-duty design


  • Can be heavy for long use
  • Does not come with a carrying case

6. DEWALT DW840K Angle Grinder with Bag and Cutting Wheels

[amazon fields=”B0015BC3DU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DEWALT DW840K 7-Inch Angle Grinder with Bag and Cutting Wheels”]

This electric-powered 7-inch grinder has 13 AMP of power and delivers speeds up to 8,000 RPM. The DEWALT DW840K Angle Grinder Tool can handle your big projects and make you feel effortless doing them.

Although it is very heavy at 19 pounds, this grinder has a high power-to-weight ratio that provides more efficiency. You will notice that the power-to-weight ratio helps reduce vibration and kick-back on this angle grinder.

The rear handle is made so that the user has greater control and comfort. An adjustable guard is also attached to this tool and makes it easy to redirect sparks away from the user.

Brush caps on this angle grinder are external so you can serve them easily when they need to be replaced. You do not have to go into any complicated box or space. The ball and roller bearings are also heavily sealed to extend the life of the motor.

Almost everything is included with this angle grinder kit, including a case and attachments. The case is a great place to store the tool when it is not in use. You can avoid costly damage with it protected.


  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Metal guard adjusts to redirect sparks
  • External brush caps make it easy to service
  • Rear handle offers greater comfort
  • Sealed bearings means extended motor life
  • Comes with carrying case


  • Very heavy and may be uncomfortable
  • Does not offer variable speeds

7. BOSCH 7-Inch Large Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B0020ML6B8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”BOSCH 7-Inch Large Angle Grinder”]

Vibration control enables you to handle the BOSCH 1974-8 Large Angle Grinder deftly in almost any situation. It is recommended foremost for grinding and cutting metal. It includes a basic starter kit, with an auxiliary handle, wheel guard, flange kit, and wrench.

This feature helps reduce the vibrations that a user feels up to 60%. The powerful motor works just as hard on the hand angle grinder, but you do not feel it. It also has a tool-free guard. This guard allows for quick adjustments that will not halt your progress.

All of the gears and housing are well-protected. The gears have a metal cover for optimal durability. And the brushes are equipped with the Service Minder feature. The tool will stop to alert you that maintenance is needed. Epoxy coats the field windings to prevent abrasion from the metal debris that flies during use.

With the 15 AMP motor, it runs at speeds up to 8,500 RPM and is engineered with precision spiral bevel gears.

The transmission is smooth and powerful. There is a deadman switch that complies with the latest regulations.


  • Incredibly light design
  • Vibration control reduces it by up to 60%
  • Epoxy-coating limits damage from abrasive debris
  • Has latest deadman switch feature
  • Smoother power transmission
  • Easy-to-service brushes


  • Only has fixed-speed settings
  • Has brushes that must be replaced

8. Milwaukee M18 FUEL Large Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B0839N1VMW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Milwaukee M18 FUEL Large Angle Grinder”]

If you are looking for versatility and power in one 7-inch grinder, then the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Angle Grinder is the one for you.

This power tool has the capacity for 9-inch grinding attachments. It has a cordless design that puts out 15A of power and delivers 6,600 RPM at its maximum.

It has a patented POWERSTATE brushless motor that will last longer and give you the best results for grinding and cutting projects. A dual-action trigger makes it nearly impossible to start the tool accidentally.

REDLINK PLUS Intelligence is built into this angle grinder. This innovative technology provides overload protection so you do not damage your new favorite tool.

Each battery on this angle grinder has 50% more power than the standard. They also run 50% cooler than other lithium battery options on the market.

All of the accessory changes and guard adjustments can be done without a wrench. This tool-free design makes it easy for you to switch up accessories at a moment’s notice.

The gearing system and metal housing are designed with durable materials. And the ergonomic design of this angle grinder lets you guide it where it needs to be on your workpiece.


  • Brushless motor for low maintenance
  • Innovative technology protects from overload and overheating
  • Excellent runtime with lithium battery
  • Tool-free accessory means less hassle
  • More ergonomic design
  • Durable metal housing and gearing


  • Must charge batteries
  • Need to buy own discs

9. DEWALT 4 HP Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B007A5YWSO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DEWALT 4 HP Angle Grinder”]

This is a 7-inch hand angle grinder with the ability to perform consistently at a high level.

The motor puts out 15 AMP of power and delivers a speed of 8,500 RPM. With 4 horsepower, you can expect great things from this motor. There is also overload protection built into the tool.

You can run it at higher speeds under load. Although it is not a variable speed angle grinder, this tool does its job well. It will give you optimal material removal with its speed and power.

A side handle on this grinder allows you to position it to the best effect. You can change the position for the best reach and comfort.

It also has a lower profile than some models. This low-profile gear case design lets you get into tight work areas without trouble.

Everything about this angle grinder is focused on longevity. The field and armature are coated with epoxy. This helps prevent abrasion from dust and debris in the air.

And the brush window gives you quick access for maintenance and brush replacement. The brushes actually shut down if they need to be serviced to avoid damage to your tool.


  • Comes with a storage case
  • Equipped with overload protection
  • Longer service life due to less abrasion
  • Low-profile gearcase allows work in tight spots
  • Easily positioned side handle
  • Brush window for quick replacement


  • Must mind the cord
  • Only has a fixed speed setting

10. DEWALT DW840 13-Amp Grinder

[amazon fields=”B0002SRK6M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DEWALT DW840 13-Amp Grinder”]

Lightweight, yet powerful, the DEWALT DW840 Angle Grinde is an exceptional 7″ angle grinder. This kit comes with all of the items you need to get started, including a bag and extra wheels.

The motor has 13 AMP of power and runs at 8,000 RPM under load. You will be hard-pressed to find a 7-inch grinder as accurate as this model. It has a high power-to-weight ratio that lets you work quickly and easily.

Metal and plastic materials are used in the design of this electric-powered tool. You can make adjustments to your tool without the use of tools, thanks to a keyless, adjustable guard.

The rear handle is also designed for easy use. It gives you more control of the tool. All of the brush caps allow for external access to make servicing an easy process. And the ball and bearings are all tightly sealed to limit wear.

This tool is compact enough for easy transportation and only weighs 8 pounds. It can work on the biggest projects without quitting despite its small size, too.


  • Adjust guard to redirect sparks
  • Single-wrench wheel easily changeable
  • Has a compact design
  • Metal housing for durability
  • Has spindle lock button for safety
  • Runs off of AC/DC power


  • Not suitable for tasks beyond grinding
  • It May be too small

Things You Need to Check Before Buying


You can differentiate the power of an angle grinder by checking the wattage. Higher wattage is useful for heavy-duty tasks that require periods of extended use. Power capacity can vary depending on the size of the tool and the disc capacity.

7-inch models will be very powerful compared to most 4 1/2-inch models. In most cases, choose a higher wattage for the best results. For example, two angle grinders can have similar RPMs. The one with more wattage will be better for cutting hard materials like concrete or stone masonry.

Disc Size

With a 7-inch angle grinder, you need to find a matching disc. It is not a good idea to mix different disc sizes unless you know that it will not exceed the speed limit on the machine.

A compatible disc for your angle grinder provides the best results.


Angle grinders vary in speed, which is usually notated as RPMs. On average, you will see grinders with a range between 5,000 and 10,000 RPMs, or revolutions per minute.

A larger tool, like a 7-inch hand angle grinder, typically has 6,000 RPMs. You can expect more power with a larger grinder, but a lower RPM.

Consider a variable speed angle grinder if you want to work more accurately. A variable speed grinder lets you select from pre-set settings. Variable-speed models are ideal for jobs that require a delicate touch.

Power-to-Weight Ratio

A power-to-weight ratio explains the amount of power a tool has relevant to its total weight. Look for a higher power-to-weight ratio for your angle grinder. You want the tool to put off as little vibration as possible.

For example, a very powerful, light-angle grinder will not kick back at you with as much force. You can complete jobs quickly and safely.


Brushes wear out easily with angle grinders, especially a high-powered 7-inch concrete grinder or something similar. This part is likely to wear out from lots of use for long periods.

When looking for a hand angle grinder, lookout for a model that lets you replace brushes quickly and efficiently. It is also good to know what kind of brushes it uses and whether you can find them easily on the market.

Comfort and Control

Because of the potential danger involved in mishandling an angle grinder, take comfort and control into careful consideration. These factors are not just nice to have, but essential.

The angle grinder should be a nice size and not weigh too much. Be able to hold it up easily without complaint. Beyond holding it up, you also need to be able to hold a 7-inch grinder steady.

Features to look out for in a model include anti-vibration grips and side handles. Anti-vibration designs prevent you from experiencing too much kickback from the powerful motor. Side handles are a way to control the machine with a more delicate touch.

Keeping your new angle grinder in good working order means greasing the gears from time to time. Cheaper models may not come as well-greased as they could be.

Gear Greasing

Check the gear greasing and use a recommended lubricant to keep the parts moving together smoothly.

Power Source

You can choose between corded or cordless models. Most cordless models are electric-powered and allow you to reach difficult areas. A corded 7-inch grinder is either powered with air or electricity.

A pneumatic grinder needs to be used with an air compressor. These models are light and cheap. Other corded grinders are powered with electricity and need to be plugged into a power source. You cannot move too far from a plugin, but they can run for long periods of time.

Why Do you Need a 7-Inch Angle Grinder?

Compared to a tool with a smaller disc size, a 7″ angle grinder is recommended for working with thick materials. You can cut through stone masonry and concrete using this size of angle grinder.

A 7-inch concrete grinder, however, is very powerful and you need the expertise to handle it.

Select a 7-inch angle grinder if you have a heavy-duty project to finish, like cutting through wood or concrete or other thick objects. This concrete grinder is not suitable for tasks that require a lot of precision.

How to Use a 7-Inch Angle Grinder

Step 1: Choose Disc

Based on your project, you should have an idea of what disc you require. Different types of discs are used for different tasks. For example, you would not use a grinding disc to polish metal. You need a sanding disc for polishing jobs.

Step 2: Check the Manual

Reading the manual that comes with your grinder is very important the first time you operate it. However, you should also refresh your memory every time you start a new project.

Step 3: Wear Safety Gear

A safety shield and gloves are two essential items. You can avoid a terrible injury by preparing yourself with the best safety gear.

Step 4: Secure Work

Typically, you should make sure that whatever material you are working with is secured to a work surface.

Step 5: Hold Grinder Firmly

Before starting, check that your grip is firm on the angle grinder. A 7″ angle grinder is a powerful tool and may require both hands.

Step 6: Hold Grinder Against Main Part

You should also be careful about where you place the disc against your current work. Avoid placing it at the edge. Hold it on the main part, or body.

Step 7: Turn On

After securing the grinder in your grip and placing it against the main portion, you can turn on the tool. Keep a tight grip as you work through the task, whether it be grinding, polishing, or something else.

Step 8: Switch Off

Do not abruptly turn off the tool once you are finished. Instead, lift it from the surface slowly. Switch it off after removing it completely from your work.

What are the Safety Measures to Adhere when Using an Angle Grinder?

Angle grinders of any size spin fast, but a 7-inch angle grinder spins even faster. To avoid a dangerous situation, adhere to several safety measures. First, always wear a face shield and gloves to protect your face and hands.

You should wear safety glasses. Keep the grinder turned off and unplugged until you are ready to use it. If you are changing a disc, it is best to have it unplugged, too.

When the angle grinder is turned on, make sure that any debris flies away from you and other people. Work so that the disc turns away from any sharp edges on your work. You do not want to catch the tool and cause it to malfunction.

Finally, every piece of material you are using the angle grinder on needs to be clamped down. The only thing that should be moving is the angle grinder itself.

To protect yourself from the moving parts, use the guard and keep a solid grip on the handle. A 7-inch handle angle grinder has a lot of power and may need two hands.

Also, check that the disc is working well in a protected place after attaching it. Never assume that all of your parts will work the same as the last time after storing them away. You could hurt yourself with a broken grinder.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best 7-inch angle grinder, The Makita GA7021 7″ Angle Grinder comes out ahead of the other options. This tool offers superb power with a 15 AMP motor and delivers up to 6,600 RPM during a project.

You can knock out heavy-duty, industrial work with this type of angle grinder tool. It also excels in the area of comfort and control. It has a handy side handle that can be positioned in three different spots on the tool. Play around with the feel of the grip until you find the most comfortable position.

If you are considering a powerful and reliable 7″ angle grinder, this list should be for you. These models all feature robust designs that will withstand hours of use and years of wear.

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