Top 10 Best 9-Inch Angle Grinder Models

A 9-inch angle grinder is a powerful tool with a wide list of applications. From grinding to polishing to cutting, an angle grinder can do it all without any problems.

The construction of an angle grinder places it on a 90-degree angle to give the user the optimum level of torque and control.

The 9-inch angle grinder is capable of cleanly cutting or removing material from large, thick objects. Our guide will help you determine the best 9-inch angle grinder for your personal use.

Deciding on the best angle grinder depends a lot on the specific features and design of the tool. You should carefully consider the power-to-weight ratio, power source, disc size, and brushes of this type of tool.

And, one of the most important factors is comfort and control, which allow you to continually use the grinder with successful results.

Top 9-Inch Angle Grinders

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10 Best 9 Inch Angle Grinders:

Best 9-Inch Angle Grinders

1. Makita GA9031Y 9″ Angle Grinder

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The Makita GA9031Y 9″ Angle Grinder comes with everything you could need to complete grinding, cutting, and polishing tasks.

This 9-inch angle grinder has a powerful motor that allows for faster material removal and sturdy construction. Although it is not a variable speed 9-inch angle grinder, it has the strength and precision for big jobs.

The intake covers are made with wire mesh that does not let metal debris into the motor. The design of the motor and mechanisms is very labyrinthine, which minimizes the dust and debris that gets inside.

A protective varnish in a zig-zag pattern seals the armature to achieve a longer tool life. There is also a rubber tool rest that protects your surfaces when you need to set the 9″ grinder down.

Multiple aspects of the design help you gain better control. Both the rear and side handles have a soft, comfortable grip that reduces vibration. All of the brushes can be accessed from the outside to make changing them an easy process.

The wheel cover is also easy to use because it is tool-less. You can make quick adjustments for different cutting angles without getting frustrated or annoyed.

This is a 9-inch angle grinder model for someone who wants to be productive and minimize distractions.


  • Rear handle is rotatable
  • Tool-less wheel cover for easy guard adjustment
  • Labyrinth construction prevents dust from destroying motor
  • Rubber tool rest helps protect surfaces
  • Rear and side handles designed to lessen vibration
  • Brushes can be accessed externally


  • Weighs a lot for long-term use
  • May be very noisy with certain jobs

2. DEWALT DWE4519 6,500 RPM 9-Inch Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B00BK9DE8A” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DEWALT DWE4519 6,500 RPM 9-Inch Angle Grinder”]

Use a DEWALT DWE4519 6,500 RPM 9-Inch angle grinder for the biggest jobs on your to-do list. This 9-inch grinder works excellently against the toughest materials with the best results.

Overload protection allows you to operate at higher speeds under load without issues. You can also maneuver this angle grinder into tight areas thanks to a low-profile gear case design.

Everything about this 9-inch angle grinder is also durable. It is coated with epoxy on the armature and field to prevent damaging abrasion from the metal debris. And in the event of damage or an issue with a component, this tool comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Multifunctional characteristics of this machine include brushes that have an automatic turn-off the feature and a two-position side handle. You can easily adjust the handle to improve your control and comfort level for optimum outcomes.

There is a window to look at the brushes and easily replace them when they wear down. You will know when the brushes need to be replaced because they will shut down to prevent wear and damage to the motor.


  • Convenient two-position side handle
  • Windows allow for quick brush replacement
  • Epoxy coating increases service life
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Sturdy 9-inch guard
  • Brushes shut down when they need to be changed


  • Missing some of the standard accessories
  • Made with plastic

3. Metabo 6,600 Rpm Professional Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B00R7379XE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Metabo 6,600 Rpm Professional Angle Grinder”]

Made in Germany, the Metabo professional angle grinder is a 9-inch angle grinder with superb handling. This tool combines the ingenuity of German engineering with 15 AMPS of power.

You can expect this tool to give back again and again, with its long-life motor outfitted with patented dust protection.

Different aspects of the 9-inch angle grinder make it easier to control. The main handle rotates and the side handle is easily mounted in three different positions.

The guard is adjustable without the use of tools and is twist-proof for your safety and convenience. Plus, you can take advantage of the Metabo VibraTech integrated damping system.

This system, along with the side handle, helps reduce vibration felt by the user. A safety switch prevents false starts that could harm you or others, too.

Finally, this angle grinder has a smart design that features auto-stop carbon brushes. They will stop when they need to be replaced to avoid costly damage to the motor.

You can quickly replace them and return to operating your angle grinder without too much hassle.


  • Made with world class production techniques
  • Twist-proof, tool-free adjustable guard
  • Motor has patented dust protection
  • Auto-stop carbon brushes protect motor
  • Integrated damping system reduces vibration
  • Rotating main handle and repositionable side handle


  • Must be near plugin to use
  • May be a bit heavy for extended periods of use

4. BOSCH 1994-6 Large Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B0020ML6CC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”BOSCH 1994-6 Large Angle Grinder”]

Utilize one of the best in class power-to-weight ratios for a 9 inch angle grinder on the market with the BOSCH 1994-6 9-Inch Large Angle Grinder. This 9 inch grinder comes ready to go with a 4 horsepower motor and a lightweight design.

You can handle the powerful nature of this tool with special elements built into the grinder. Both the side and main handles are equipped with vibration control, which has been shown to reduce vibration by up to 50 percent.

Plus, the wheel guard is an innovative burst wheel resistant design. It will help contain a burst wheel and does not require any tools to adjust or install different accessories.

Your control and safety are paramount when handling this 9 inch angle grinder. The main handle rotates so you can put it in the optimum position for any application. There is also a tri-control switch with lock-on and lock-off settings to avoid a false start.

The stator and winding components on this 9 in angle grinder are durable and sturdy. The stator is coated with powder and the windings are coated with epoxy. Both of these are solutions to prevent damage from debris and dust.


  • Incredible power-to-weight ratio
  • Vibration-control handles to reduce vibration
  • Innovative protection on stator and windings for less wear
  • Tool-free guard that contains wheel if it bursts
  • Main handle rotates for maximum utility
  • Lock-on and off prevents accidental starting


  • Lacking necessary accessories
  • Only has a 1-year warranty

5. DEWALT D28499X 5.3HP Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B00009YUHX” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DEWALT D28499X 5.3HP Angle Grinder”]

Corded power can still be incredible power with the DEWALT D28499X 5.3HP angle grinder. This 9 inch angle grinder has a high-powered motor that runs with a maximum horsepower of 5.3.

The maximum RPM under load is a decent 6,000 RPM, plus it comes ready to go with overload protection. You can complete serious tasks using higher operating speeds under load with this protective feature.

Every handle on the angle grinder comes together to increase your comfort and control. The side handle can be repositioned into five locations to improve the ergonomics for different applications.

The rear handle also rotates to improve the way you grind or cut using the tool. And the guard for the wheel is adjustable and requires no tools to swap in new attachments. You can be more productive with this machine.

Superior materials and manufacturing make this grinder last longer with fewer service demands. The field and armature are both epoxy coated to work against abrasion from debris flying in the air from the angle grinder.

The brushes also have an automatic shut down setting that makes them stop when they need to be replaced.


  • 5-position side handle
  • Overload protection allows higher operating speeds
  • Low-profile gear case
  • Automatic turn-off brushes
  • Adjustable guard for more productivity
  • Rear handle rotates for better ergonomics


  • A bit heavy for certain applications
  • May require other accessories

6. Milwaukee M18 FUEL Large Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B0839N1VMW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Milwaukee M18 FUEL 9 in. Large Angle Grinder”]

With a cordless design and a brushless motor, the Milwaukee 2785-20 M18 FUEL 7 in. / 9 in. Large Angle Grinder is ready to go wherever with amazing power.

This 9-inch angle grinder has the same performance levels as a similar corded model with a 15 AMP motor. In fact, it is the world’s first 18v large angle grinder model.

You can easily take the angle grinder to different sites or projects without worrying about a power source. The cordless design uses any M18 compatible lithium battery to run for longer periods of time.

And it is equipped with REDLINK PLUS Intelligence that protects in the case of overloads. During heavy-duty jobs, this angle grinder will perform well without failing.

Every aspect of the angle grinder is tool-free, so you can change accessories without messing around with other parts or tools. And the metal housing and gearing system are superb.

This model is known for its durability and resilience for the toughest applications. At just under 11 pounds, this tool is also exceptionally lightweight and easy to handle.

A dual-action trigger eliminates the potential for an accidental start, which can be a dangerous and unexpected situation.


  • Compatible with other M18 tools and batteries
  • Tool free for easy adjustments
  • Durable metal housing and gearing
  • Advanced ergonomic design
  • REDLINK PLUS Intelligence provides overload protection
  • Dual action trigger to avoid accidental starts


  • Must recharge battery
  • Made of mostly plasti

7. Makita GA7911 Angle Grinder with AC/DC Switch

[amazon fields=”B00004YOKM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Makita GA7911 Angle Grinder with AC/DC Switch”]

With a 15 AMP motor and operating speeds under a load of 7,000 RPM, the Makita GA7911 9-inch angle grinder with AC/DC switch is an exceptional tool.

This is one of the most powerful angle grinder models on this list and is designed for the most challenging tasks and applications.

At its optimum operating level, it can hit 6,000 RPM for the most efficient material removal. Make use of its extra heavy-duty motor for the toughest jobs that require continuous use.

Multiple areas of the design focus on keeping the angle grinder working for you for longer without it needing to be repaired or serviced. It uses spiral bevel gears for a smoother rotation, which means more efficient energy transfer.

This grinder will not wear down as easily as others. It also has zig-zag varnish coating the armature coil to protect it from dust and debris. You can enjoy a longer motor life than ever before. The ball-bearing construction is also enlarged for a longer lifespan.

Beyond the performance, the angle grinder model is designed to offer the most comfort to the user.

It has a removable side handle that can be placed on either side depending on your preference and project requirement.


  • Longer tool life with enlarged bearing construction
  • Ziz-zag varnish protects armature from debris
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Can use 7-inch or 9-inch wheel guards
  • Side handle is removable
  • Spiral bevel gears more efficient


  • Corded so it needs to be near plugin
  • Missing some essential components

8. BOSCH 1994-6D Large Angle Grinder without Lock On

[amazon fields=”B0020ML6CW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”BOSCH 1994-6D Large Angle Grinder without Lock On”]

The BOSCH 1994-6D 9-Inch Large Angle Grinder without Lock On is designed to be stronger and more reliable than ever before.

The newest innovations are included with this 9-inch corded angle grinder, such as an ultra-efficient 4 horsepower motor and best in class vibration control system.

The power to weight ratio is astounding on this model, with it being 20 percent lighter than similar grinder tools. Everything about the manufacturing is focused around quality and durability, too.

Some of the materials and components were chosen to reduce resonance. And the field windings are epoxy coated to protect against damaging metal debris and abrasive dust particles.

Although this is not a variable speed angle grinder, it offers other excellent qualities. It has patented vibration control along with soft grip handles for maximum comfort and handling.

There is a lock-on switch design that prevents start ups when you do not want them. This setting also shuts the machine off in case you lose control of it.

Maintenance and service are easy with this tool. The brush covers are removable and allow for quick brush replacement. The guard system is designed to be quickly adjustable with tools. You can adjust it to suit your application and lock it into place for increased protection.


  • Side handle equipped with vibration control
  • Maximum power at minimum weight
  • Brush covers removable for easy replacement
  • Features quick adjust guard system for efficiency
  • Main handle rotates 90 degrees
  • No lock-on switch design


  • Does not come with storage case
  • Must purchase extra accessories

9. Makita GA9040S Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B000RQ0UJS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Makita GA9040S Angle Grinder”]

Give yourself one of the best options on the market for a 9-inch angle grinder for concrete with the Makita GA9040S 9″ Angle Grinder. You can outperform other angle grinders with the 15 AMP motor and 6,000 RPM delivered by this model.

Every aspect of its design is focused on providing power without a lot of extra service or maintenance. A tool-less wheel guard makes it easier to adjust without annoying maintenance or tool use.

Instead of worrying about dust and debris clogging the motor and delicate components, the 9-inch angle grinder has a labyrinth construction that seals out outside materials. Many complex internal channels enable the inner parts to be free of contamination.

Other characteristics of this angle grinder make its operation smoother and more straightforward. It features a soft startup that helps give the gears a longer life with less need for service or replacement. The soft-start also helps to minimize kickbacks that can injure you or others.

The built-in torque limiter is another element that prevents the over-tightening of the lock nut during startup. And it fits your needs with a rotatable back handle that allows you to orient yourself more comfortably while working.


  • Soft start allows for smoother operation and longer gear life
  • Tool-less wheel guard is more efficient
  • Rear handle rotates for comfort
  • Side handle has three positions and vibration control
  • Less risk of kick backs
  • Labyrinth construction seals out dust


  • Important parts not included
  • Requires you to be near plugin

10. DEWALT DWE4559N 6,500 RPM 9-Inch Angle Grinder

[amazon fields=”B00BK9DEFI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DEWALT DWE4559N 6,500 RPM 9-Inch Angle Grinder”]

Powerful and accurate, the DEWALT DWE4559N 6,500 RPM 9-Inch Angle Grinder will deftly handle almost any task you throw at it.

This machine is designed with a lightweight body that will help lessen user fatigue. It is equipped with overload protection, so that it can run at higher speeds under load, up to 6,500 RPM. There is also an anti-vibe trigger handle that reduces the fatigue a user feels from vibration.

The 9-inch angle grinder will last you through many different projects. Its Dust Ejection System helps keep the brushes and motor working well by expelling air debris away from the delicate parts.

The brushes also have an automatic shut-off feature that alerts you when they need replacement. It is harder to accidentally damage the motor.

Other excellent aspects of the angle grinder design include a brush window to be able to quickly change brushes and a quick-change guard. You can easily turn the guard to redirect sparks and debris where you want it.

This is a great safety feature to protect you and anyone else working near or alongside you in a workshop or factory.


  • Lightweight design lessens user fatigue
  • Low-profile gearcase for use in tight areas
  • Dust Ejection System increases brush life
  • Brushes turn off when need to be replaced
  • Easy-to-change
  • Soft-grip trigger handle for comfort and control


  • Does not have locking switch
  • No top palm rest

Things to Consider Before Buying

It is not enough to just expect every 9 -inch angle grinder to be the best fit for your needs. Look at the specifications and other factors for each model.

Some of the most important factors to consider when buying an angle grinder include, power, disc size, speed, power-to-weight ratio, and power source.


Power is measured in wattage and input power is shared in AMPS for corded models. You need enough power in the grinder motor to achieve the best results for heavy operating tasks.

For example, a 9 inch grinder for welding will need to have more AMPS to be effective than a 6 inch angle grinder.

Disc Size

The angle grinders can be found in different disk sizes (4.5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, and 125mm angle grinders). Larger discs are used for heavy-duty tasks. If you have an angle grinder that is capable of fitting 9-inch discs, you may also be able to use it with 7-inch discs. Consider the type of work you will be doing before choosing a disc size.

A 9-inch grinder is one of the most powerful angle grinder options you can use. This size is often associated with industrial materials, like concrete and other thick objects.


Speed on angle grinders is measured as revolutions per minute (RPM). The higher the operating speed, the better results you will get cutting or grinding certain materials. Be careful with grinders that have the highest RPM ratings.

These models can be very fast and not easily controlled or managed by beginners. The average RPM for a 9 inch angle grinder is between 5,000 and 10,000 RPM, but usually closer to 6,000 and 7,000 RPM.

Power-to-Weight Ratio

A 9-inch angle grinder should have as high a power-to-weight ratio as possible. This ratio is a measure of how much power a tool has for every pound of weight. You can easily measure the overall performance of a power tool with this ratio.

You want to choose an angle grinder that has a lot of horsepower in the motor compared to the overall weight. For example, it does not matter if the grinder is 16 pounds compared to a 10-pound model if the heavier one has a higher power rating.


Motor brushes on angle grinders need to be replaced often. An angle grinder that is used a lot will go through a lot of brushes. Look for models that make it easy to tell if a brush needs to be replaced.

For example, some grinders have an automatic shut-off feature. This setting stops the brush function and lets you know that they need replacing or it will damage the motor.

Comfort and Control

Comfort and control are perhaps the most important factors after speed and power. If a 9-angle grinder is not comfortable to use, you will not enjoy the experience.

You may end up making mistakes with an unwieldy or hard-to-use angle grinder. A more comfortable grinder is also better to handle.

Look for angle grinders that have multiple handles, especially on the side and rear. These handles are most effective when you can reposition them to your needs. For example, some side handles can be attached to either side of the tool.

Also, consider anti-vibration technology. Many handles use this innovative approach to reduce user fatigue and the risk of kickback.

Gear Greasing

Being able to easily check the gears is a good thing for an angle grinder. Although every model should be sold with the gears greased and ready to go, you may need to add more.

Plenty of grease helps cool down the gears during operation and keeps them working longer. You can use a grease gun for properly greasing an angle grinder.

Power Source

You can buy a 9-inch angle grinder that is powered by electricity, battery, or pneumatic. Electric-powered and battery-powered are the most popular options for power sources.

Corded is the most plentiful model option on the market because they have a lot of power and help you complete projects efficiently. But a corded model will not work well if you do not have close access to an outlet.

Why Do you Need a 9-Inch Angle Grinder?

You can use angle grinders for a lot of varied applications. 9-inch angle grinders fall under the large angle grinder category, similar to 7-inch angle grinder models.

These angle grinders are typically used for more heavy-duty jobs rather than precise projects that require a delicate touch. A 9-inch angle grinder for welding is an ideal size because it can handle the heavy nature of the task.

9-inch grinders also operate at faster speeds than smaller tools. Be careful when choosing an angle grinder so that you do not injure yourself with a powerful and dangerous power tool.

Of course, if you are planning on cutting through certain thick, sturdy materials, you absolutely need a 9-inch model. A 9-inch angle grinder for concrete is necessary because a 4 1/2 inch or 5-inch tool will not be able to cut far through it.

9-Inch Corded vs Cordless Angle Grinder

When comparing corded and cordless angle grinders, there are several areas where both types are similar.

There is actually not a lot of difference in power between a 9-inch corded angle grinder and a 9-inch cordless angle grinder. You can find both types of grinders with astounding amounts of power and performance.

However, there are some advantages of a corded angle grinder over a cordless one, as well as some disadvantages.


  • Better price – Compared to cordless grinders, a corded angle grinder will not set you back as much. There are a lot of models on the market, which means a lot of brands and options to choose a great price.
  • Essential for heavy – duty jobs – Anyone using an angle grinder for many projects, whether as a professional or DIYer, needs a corded model. Corded grinders are better for continuous use over extended periods of time.
  • More power – Although many current models of cordless grinder rank even with corded ones, a corded angle grinder is typically more powerful.
  • Come in larger sizes – You can find a lot more 9 inch angle grinders that are corded. There is not a lot of variety with cordless models.
  • More durable – A 9-inch corded angle grinder is usually more durable in the long term. The way they are designed, these models are less likely to overheat with continuous use.


  • Lacks convenience – This type of angle grinder requires you to be near an outlet to plug the tool in before you work.
  • Not easy to transport – A corded angle grinder comes with an unwieldy cord that can be very long. Every time you take it somewhere, you have to wind up a long cord.

How to Operate a 9-Inch Angle Grinder?

You can expect almost every 9-angle grinder to operate using the same basic steps. Follow this guide for the best results. You should also always follow the proper safety precautions before operating an angle grinder tool.

These precautions include wearing the right clothing and gear, plus working in a space away from others.

Step 1: Set Up

Set up the grinder with the right attachments. Depending on your application, you may choose a different type of disc or adjust the wheel guard a certain way.

Step 2: Mark Up

Before beginning a cut or other task, you need to prepare the material. Mark the area you will be working on so you know where to focus the tool.

Step 3: Secure Material

The material you are completing the job on needs to be securely clamped down to a work area. Check to make sure that it will not move erratically during the operation of the 9-inch angle grinder.

Step 4: Turn On

After making sure that there is no one around you, turn the tool on carefully. Let it get up to speed and make sure the disc and motor are functioning properly.

Step 5: Begin Working

After checking to see that the tool is working well, you can begin the job. If you are making a cut, line up the tool to the material precisely. Let the tool work on its own and do not force it.

This can cause serious injury. For other applications, follow the separate guidelines.

Step 6: Turn Off

Once you have finished the task, you can carefully turn the grinder off. Make sure the tool is clear of any material or other objects before switching it off. Check that the tool is stopped completely before setting it down or unplugging it.

So, What’s The Best?

The electric-powered Makita GA9031Y 9″ Angle Grinder is a top-rated 9 -inch angle grinder. It features a reliable design that merges a powerful motor with comfort and control.

You can achieve up to 6,600 RPM with the 15 AMP motor for quick material removal and efficient task completion.

Although it is a bit heavier than other angle grinders, it also comes with rear and side handles for excellent control. These handles lessen vibration and have soft grips for more comfort.

This is the angle grinder you need if you are a stone finisher, welder, mason, or fabricator. It can handle your toughest projects. It has been called a beast by other users due to its ability to cut through thick materials.

If you want the best 9-inch angle grinder, look no further than this Makita model. You can focus on the task at hand and not servicing your tools.

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