Top 10 Best Angle Grinder Stands Reviewed

The best angle grinder stand will allow you to use your angle grinder as a chop saw that will cut metal, wood, plastic, tiles, and other materials with precision.

This great tool ensures that your angle grinder remains firm and stable for you to achieve the best cutting, polishing, and grinding results.

Grinding, polishing, and cutting materials freehand are not only dangerous but also more complicated. It is not as efficient and does not allow you to complete projects with ease.

Angle grinder iron stands are inexpensive and easy to set up. They take up little space and can be easily stored in your garage while not in use. You will be more confident using the stand every time you utilize your angle grinder.

Since there are various features you must consider, and tons of choices on the market, a little guidance will help you choose the right stand. I have gathered the top 10 angle grinder stands to help you make the best choice.


Product Name



[amazon fields=”B07WWSX7Y1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_align=”center” image_alt=”TAUFAOD Cast Iron Made Angle Grinder Stand”]TAUFAOD Cast Iron Made Angle Grinder StandIron[amazon fields=”B07WWSX7Y1″ value=”button” button_text=”Check Latest Price”]
[amazon fields=”B08GC42TSW” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Relmon DIY Angle Grinder Stand Made With Cast Iron”]Relmon DIY Angle Grinder Stand Made With Cast IronIron[amazon fields=”B08GC42TSW” value=”button” button_text=”Check Latest Price”]
[amazon fields=”B08TWMKSK9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Urtzcoye Multifunctional Angle Grinder Stand with 21V Battery”]Urtzcoye Multifunctional Angle Grinder Stand with 21V BatteryAcrylonitrile Butadiene[amazon fields=”B08TWMKSK9″ value=”button” button_text=”Check Latest Price”]
[amazon fields=”B08M3NZDPX” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_align=”center” image_alt=”HERZO Aluminum Base Angle Grinder Holder”]HERZO Aluminum Base Angle Grinder HolderAcrylonitrile Butadiene[amazon fields=”B08M3NZDPX” value=”button” button_text=”Check Latest Price”]
[amazon fields=”B08RRTCWBS” value=”thumb” image_size=”medium” image_align=”center” image_alt=”PTS Flamingo Tools Cast Iron Metal Base Angle Grinder Stand”]PTS Flamingo Tools Cast Iron Metal Base Angle Grinder StandCast Iron[amazon fields=”B08RRTCWBS” value=”button” button_text=”Check Latest Price”]

Best Angle Grinder Stands Review

Best Angle Grinder Stands

1. TAUFAOD Cast Iron Made Angle Grinder Stand

[amazon fields=”B07WWSX7Y1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”TAUFAOD Cast Iron Made Angle Grinder Stand”]

This heavy-duty multi-functional aluminum silver and black angle grinder stand are built with an indestructible base made from heavy-duty cast iron material.

The modern and smart design of this accessory converts a universal 100mm to 125mm angle grinder into a mini metal-cutting cut-off machine.

The handle allows you to cut with precision by giving you complete control over the amount of force pressing down the material. The force should be smooth and even to yield the most accurate results.

You don’t have to worry about the material moving out of alignment as you cut.

It is perfect for wood, plastic, tile, or metal projects that require a precise cut. It certainly makes any job easier and safer compared to other methods.

The multi-angle adjustable features give you the option to cut various types of pieces, even oblique angles using the secure clamp.

The stand features a 0 to 45-degree adjustable angle with a cutting depth of 30 mm and maximum clamping width of 80mm. This tool only weighs six pounds and measures ‎9.45 x 7.48 x 10.63 inches, which allows you to easily take it with you anywhere, it is very easy to transport and store.

Enjoy easily and efficiently cutting metal and other types of tough materials. The stand is easy to set up with simple assembly instructions. It performs various types of jobs with ease.


  • Durable materials are built for heavy-duty projects
  • Assembles easily onto a platform or workbench
  • Comes with easy-to-understand instructions
  • Secure handle to achieve better control while cutting
  • Requires no batteries or power
  • Accessible pricing options


  • Frequently sold out or unavailable at online stores
  • Mostly found used online without the original packaging

2. Relmon DIY Angle Grinder Stand Made with Cast Iron

[amazon fields=”B08GC42TSW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Relmon DIY Angle Grinder Stand Made With Cast Iron”]

Relmon manufactures a wide spectrum of products for home improvement and commercial projects. They created this high-quality angle grinder stand with durable cast iron components. Its base can withstand heavy jobs that require a stable surface.

This stand is the ideal accessory for any workshop to expand the number of applications you can perform. You can convert your universal 100 mm to 125 mm angle grinder into a mini metal-cutting cut-off machine. It is an essential accessory if you own an angle grinder.

Designed with a strength reinforcing lever with spring-return, it allows you to perform accurate work while having the most comfortable experience. Its capabilities include multi-angle adjustable cutting and oblique cuts using its secure clamp.

Cut almost any type of workpiece safely, easily, and quickly. This tool features a robust slide and pivot mechanism that along with the cast iron base plate allows you to perform effortless cuts even with the toughest pieces.

Work efficiently with this cast iron angle grinder that cuts rebar in 10 seconds compared to the five minutes it would take doing the same task free hand.

For such an affordable price, it is worth the investment to add this powerful and helpful angle grinder stand to your workshop.


  • Cuts a variety of materials and items including plastic, metal, wood, pipes, tiles, stone, and more affordable price
  • Durable for everyday use
  • Adjustable settings
  • One-year warranty covers materials and craftsmanship


  • Comes with vague instructions
  • Assembly may be complicated for people who are not mechanically inclined

3. Urtzcoye Multifunctional Angle Grinder Stand with 21V Battery

[amazon fields=”B08TWMKSK9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Urtzcoye Multifunctional Angle Grinder Stand with 21V Battery”]

This amazing angle grinder stand is currently one of the best on the market. It has a more complete design than the average stand. Its high-quality construction made from materials such as ABS plastic and alloy metal gives it durability and long-lasting life.

Urtzcoye is a reliable brand that designed this stand with customers in mind. It is easy to operate and the company provides thorough instructions that allow you to set it up correctly.

Its cordless design makes any project very simple as you can move around freely. One of the great things that set this stand apart from similar products is the numerous accessories it includes.

Besides the cordless angle grinder, you will receive the stand, an auxiliary handle, a battery, a fast charger, a wrench, two cutting wheels, two grinding wheels, and three sandpapers.

Enjoy having everything you need in one box to tackle any type of project. Metal, wood, plastic, and other materials are easily handled.


  • It is easy and quick to charge the battery
  • Provides clean and safe operation for various types of materials
  • Quick adjustment button clamping for various width measurements
  • Guaranteed to provide a support base that does not shake while in use
  • Maximum clamping angle of 45 degrees with a maximum clamping length of 15 cm
  • Easy to operate with complete instructions that are easy to follow


  • Weighs 17.6 pounds, which is a bit heavier than most stands
  • Comes with multiple parts that require proper installation

4. HERZO Aluminum Base Angle Grinder Holder

[amazon fields=”B08M3NZDPX” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”HERZO Aluminum Base Angle Grinder Holder”]

This Herzo’s stand is ideal for anyone who regularly uses its angle grinder. Its protective plastic shield allows you to keep your eyes on the project while directing any sparks away from you.

A unique feature is a handle that has the option to be mounted on either the left or right side of the stand. Installation is customized based on your needs with many screws and adjustments that you can tighten as necessary.

Once you find the right settings, all the adjustments can be locked in place for easy use each time you use it while providing precise cuts. It is simple to adjust the settings to convert it to a chop saw.

The clamp device holds any material you use steadily providing you with a great deal of safety and precision as you make the cuts. It is an overall durable stand that provides excellent features and years of service.


  • Stand is compatible with a variety of angle grinder brands
  • Includes all the tools you need to make custom adjustments
  • Features a wide base that allows you to comfortably and safely perform the task
  • Mounting is easy with simple instructions for quick installation on most workbenches
  • Manufacturer’s warranty covers defects and malfunction
  • Tackle many types of projects using various cutting settings


  • Plastic shield is not as durable as the rest of the components
  • Might be difficult to assemble as it only comes with a diagram manual

5. PTS Flamingo Tools Cast Iron Metal Base Angle Grinder Stand

[amazon fields=”B08RRTCWBS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”PTS Flamingo Tools Cast Iron Metal Base Angle Grinder Stand”]

PTS Flamingo is an excellent brand for these types of stands. The company uses high-quality materials and follows the best industry practices and standards. The machine’s premium design and construction make this stand the leader on the market.

One of the features that make it stand out from most stands is the completely solid cast iron base that provides years of durability. Its patented slide control allows you to choose an array of different cut sizes.

This attractive bright green stand comes in two sizes for a 9-inch angle grinder or a 4.5-inch one.


  • Reputable manufacturer that produces quality products
  • Easy-to-follow instructions make setting up the stand simple
  • Excellent performance for even the toughest jobs
  • Compatible with both corded and cordless angle grinders
  • Accessible price for most customers


  • Instruction manual is poorly designed and hard to follow making assembly challenging
  • Slightly more expensive than other stands on the market

6. RO&LY Angle Grinder Holder Stand

[amazon fields=”B07NTXMHC1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”RO&LY Angle Grinder Holder Stand”]

This economical option made by RO&LY gives you the opportunity to try a stand without investing too much money. It is ideal for small and medium jobs that don’t require as much sturdiness that a cast iron base provides for large jobs.

Although this model is not the top ranking in the industry, it does well for the price compared to using an angle grinder freehand. It is not meant for heavy-duty projects, however, you will find it useful for minor tasks that require more precision.

If you don’t use your angle grinder that often or for huge projects, the price point of this stand is reasonable. One of the challenges you will face when purchasing this machine is the vague assembly instructions that require you to follow a diagram.

If you are pretty handy with tools, you may be able to assemble them without any issues.

Overall, this piece of equipment gets the job done. The inferior quality matches its price and for some, it is plenty for what they need.


  • Features protective cover for maximum safety and reliability
  • Easy to assemble although the instructions are vague
  • Accessible price for the quality provided
  • Reliable brand that makes quality tools
  • Can handle most materials such as wood, plastic, and metal
  • Sturdy attachment options allow you to avoid dangerous wobbling


  • Assembly instructions are written poorly and are hard to follow
  • User must remember to tighten all settings to achieve accuracy as the stand may give a bit of slop as you work

7. HOTSTORE Metal Bracket Iron Base Angle Grinder Support Stand

[amazon fields=”B07SVKZJRL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”HOTSTORE Metal Bracket Iron Base Angle Grinder Support Stand”]

This silver and black stand is ideal for converting any universal 100mm to 125mm angle grinder into an efficient mini metal-cutting machine. Its various settings and adjustments allow you to perform various types of cuts and designs.

Enjoy top reliability and safety with its integrated spark prevention design and its protective cover. Customers comment about these safety features being an essential component of a good stand.

Never use your angle grinder freehand again. With this easy-to-use and affordable stand, you will have a sturdy base and mounting options that make your work with your angle grinder more precise and efficient.

The easy-to-grip handle provides complete control while you’re making the cuts. This machine was specially designed to support universal 100-125 angle grinder cutting tools that are either corded or cordless.


  • Compatible with various types of materials including wood, plastic, and metal
  • Ideal for creating a wide array of small brackets or small stock metal pieces
  • It is compatible with most sizes and brands of angle grinders
  • Safety features such as integrated spark prevention and protective cover design
  • Comfortable handle for maximum control while cutting
  • Affordable for most budgets


  • Not sturdy enough for big jobs as it tends to move around while cutting
  • Inner clamp is not easy to adjust, requiring too much pressure to move

8. Baoblaze Angle Grinder Support Holder Stand

[amazon fields=”B08SLDXGGK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Baoblaze Angle Grinder Support Holder Stand”]

This Baoblaze grinder stand is different from others on the market. It focuses on the work it can perform with tiles. This might be a suitable machine for someone that wants to exclusively dedicate it to tiles and other small projects.

Constructed with high-durability materials, this stand will provide a long service life as long as the projects are appropriate for its size. Since it weighs less than three pounds, it is important to not overload it with projects of large proportion.

Because of the price point and capability, this stand is popular among those who have small projects such as tile cutting and polishing.

You must remember that even if your jobs are small, you must not overload the machine with too much weight as it is meant to handle light objects.

This Baoblaze angle grinder stand has the ability to handle a variety of materials including tile, metal, wood, and plastic.


  • Accessible price point for people who do not use the stand frequently
  • Ideal for tile joint cleaning and precise tile cutting without damaging them
  • Supports small and medium projects that don’t require heavy-duty equipment
  • Easy to assemble and use, includes complete and simple instruction manual
  • Provides a hand putter length of 18 inches
  • Ideal for various types of materials including wood, plastic, and metal


  • Weighs less than three pounds making it unstable for large projects

9. DOMINTY Aluminum Body Angle Grinder Bracket Holder

[amazon fields=”B07HHRCRYZ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DOMINTY Aluminum Body Angle Grinder bracket Holder”]

This beautiful bright orange-red stand will liven your workshop. It is made with a cast iron base that supports tough heavy projects.

With a maximum clamping width of 80 mm and a cutting depth of 30 mm, you will be able to perform a variety of cuts. Its 45-degree adjustable angle gives you the flexibility you need to tackle just about any type of project.

One limitation this stand presents is that it works well with 4.5-inch grinders, but nothing larger than that. The manufacturing comes from China and there has been controversy about the quality of this product. Some say that the cast iron base is in fact stamped steel.

The company does not seem to run strict quality control testing, which makes it difficult for consumers as they are looking for reliability. Granted that the price is inexpensive, it is reasonable to expect this type of quality.

Nonetheless, the machine is compatible with most jobs, just don’t expect it to last a lifetime.


  • Reasonably priced for the type of quality it provides
  • Able to handle fiberglass, metal, wood, plastic, and other materials
  • Easily adapts to both corded and cordless angle grinders
  • Fairly easy to setup by following clear instructions
  • May be considered the best angle grinder stand for hobby projects and other small tasks
  • Suitable for small 4-inch blades


  • The pivot feature that converts the grinder into a chop saw fits very loosely and creates a wiggle
  • Weak castings and poorly drilled holes at the base makes the stand wobble, creating a dangerous and inaccurate device

10. LuckyHigh Angle Grinder Cutter Support with Cast Iron base

[amazon fields=”B08SH3NT7X” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”LuckyHigh Angle Grinder Cutter Support with Cast Iron base”]

This affordable grinder stand by LuckyHigh is an effective tool for those who want to accomplish small tasks. It is a simple and lightweight machine that provides more precision when using an angle grinder compared to freehand.

For people who require heavy use, this stand may not be the one for you. The price is an indication of how long-lasting and reliable this stand may be. Do not expect a heavy-duty piece of equipment that will be long-lasting.

If you are looking for a long-lasting machine that supports a lot of weight and heavy-duty projects, you may want to choose a more sturdy option. However, if you need a stand to complete minor projects once in a while, this is perfectly appropriate.

Not all customers require the same capabilities. The low price point is an indication of the type of quality and durability you can expect from this model. It could be a great option for those that will not use the stand frequency.


  • Cuts many materials including pipes, tiles, metal, wood, and plastic
  • Accessible price for those who will not use the machine frequently
  • Perfect for cutting small pipes, tubing, rebar, and tiles
  • Reliable design for simple and small projects
  • Manufacturer provides a warranty on their website
  • Easy to follow instructions make assembly quick and simple


  • It’s pricey

Buying Guide

If you are ready to transform your angle grinder into a chop saw to make straight and flat cuts, a stand is the best tool for the job. A grinder stand can make your projects more efficient and safe.

Whether your angle grinder is part of a daily task in your workshop or you infrequently use it for random projects, you will want a stand that is reliable and safe each time you use it.

Consider the following points when purchasing a new grinder stand. Keeping these factors in mind will help you make an informed decision when it is time to add this great tool to your workshop.


A grinder stand must be built with the highest quality and toughest materials to be able to withstand the test of time. Buy a stand that has the capability to handle heavy-duty projects.

The materials should be made out of the toughest steel and cast iron components. The platform should be wide enough to comfortably place a large object for cutting.


Although some machines are built with quality components, they may be poorly designed. Quality goes beyond the materials used in the construction process, but the design and features of the stand make up a large portion of the overall quality.

Check the brand’s manufacturing standards that tell you what type of quality testing has been performed. The price of the machine is a good indicator of what type of quality to expect.

Cheaper stands are not going to last that long, nor will they perform up to the criteria of quality stands. However, for people who rarely use the stand, it could be just the right price category.

Swing Angle

The cutting angle is a very important feature to look for when choosing a stand. Most stands feature a 0 to 45-degree swing angle that allows the users to cut at various degrees to achieve different designs.

Most machines also feature a secure clamp that cuts oblique workpieces. This is the type of versatility you want the stand to feature if you want to complete any type of job easily.

Safety Features

First, you want to ensure that the stand you choose features a sturdy base and overall construction. If you pick a stand that is too lightweight, it may not be able to safely handle large or heavy objects.

Look for protective shields that are large enough to prevent debris from flying towards you. A long handle is another safety feature to keep in mind. The longer the handle, the more you will be able to stay far from the grinding disc.


The lowest price point seen on the market is about $25, going all the way up to paying hundreds. A reasonably priced grinder stand that is sure to last a long service life can cost you around $100.

For people who rarely use this type of stand, the $25 ones work well. However, you have to check that the construction is of good quality to maintain its safety standards.


Most manufacturers of grinder stands offer a warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, you may find a one or two-year warranty that covers any repairs or replacement.

Before you make a purchase decision, be sure to speak to the vendor about what to expect from the warranty and what is the process of putting it into effect if needed. It is always a good idea to save your receipt of purchase.

What is Angle Grinder Stand

A grinder stand usually comes as a heavy-duty metal stand made from steel or aluminum, with a frequently used cast iron platform. It can easily convert your angle grinder into a chop saw.

The stand allows more versatility for cutting, grinding, and polishing. They are designed to hold the most common grinders on the market, usually a 4.5 or 6-inch angle grinder.

This amazing tool allows you to achieve a safer cut when using your angle grinder, compared to making cuts freehand. It provides support for any type of project big or small.

Attaching an Angle Grinder to Stand

Let’s review the steps you must take to safely and effectively attach your angle grinder to the stand.

Step 1: Loosen Bolts on Stand

Using a wrench, loosen the bolts on the stand.

Step 2: Attach Base to Stand

Place the grinder stand on the base and put the bolts back making sure to tighten it well with a wrench.

Step 3: Attach Handle

Using the nuts provided, attach and tighten the handle to the stand. You can use a nut splitter for better results.

Step 4: Prepare Grinder Holder

Before attaching the grinder holder to the stand, screw on the angle grinder to the grinder holder. It is better to do it in this sequence instead of attaching the angle grinder after the grinder holder is attached to the base.

Step 5: Attach Grinder to Stand

Now that the angle grinder is attached to the grinder holder, you are ready to attach them to the stand. You may have to manipulate it several times until you reach your desired alignment.

Step 6: Check Positioning

Check all screws and bolts to make sure they are all tightened and properly placed. Be sure that the grinder stand allows for the cutting disc to be within the cutting hole.

Why Should you Buy an Angle Grinder Stand?

Using an angle grinder requires precision for accurate cutting, grinding, and sanding. It also requires you to take necessary precautions to avoid injury. Angle grinders can be very dangerous tools that can result in bodily harm.

Using freehand is very challenging and dangerous. This is why it is recommended to use a grinder stand. It allows you to make cuts with top precision without compromising efficiency.

On the contrary, you will be more efficient at cutting pieces because of the sturdy support a stand provides.

When using a stand, a universal angle grinder becomes a chop saw, which means you will have more capabilities to complete various tasks. It gives you the potential to make wonders out of your own workshop.

A grinder stand allows you to become much more efficient and precise with your cutting, grinding, and polishing work.

Using an Angle Grinder Stand for Cutting Tile

Angle grinders stands are perfect for cutting tile because it provides a sturdy surface platform to work on. You’re able to align the tile very well in order to make all the cuts uniform.

A specific blade that is compatible with the tiles, has to be attached in order for the tile to be cut correctly. By following this advice, you will be cut tile without it chipping or crumbling.

Tiles can be very delicate, which is why using a stand allows you to cut with precision maintaining the best safety practices. As you make the cut be sure the tile is straight and you’re able to maintain a straight line.

Keep the edges of the tile smooth to avoid the grinder from kicking back. If you cut a tile that is over 12-inches, be sure to score the tile approximately one-quarter of the way across.

Since tile requires repetitive and uniformed cuts, a stand makes it easy for you to hold the tile in place. The stands usually feature a multi-angle adjustment from 0 to 45 degrees.

As you develop your technique of cutting tile on a stand, you will start to try various types of cuts. Tile sometimes needs to be installed in places that require you to make custom cuts.

Once considered to be an intimidating task, cutting tiles with a stand is easy and safe. It is hard to make a mistake on the tile because the stand provides precision and accuracy.

Final Thoughts

So, what is the ideal type of stand for your projects? Not all stands on the market are created equal. We have reviewed the top 10 because of the high performance in functionality, design, and quality.

An angle grinder stand makes any cutting, grinding, and polishing project much more easy and safe. Your projects will show precise results because this machine is built to provide all the right support for your to complete the task safely and efficiently.

After reviewing all the details of the top 10 best angle grinder stands, it is easy to name TAUFAOD Cast Iron Angle Grinder Stand as the winner. It features a sturdy cast iron plate that stands up to any heavy-duty project.

You will enjoy the additional safety you feel with a secure platform that holds the objects firmly as you use the grinder.

The stand’s multi-angle adjustments allow you to use various types of cuts, even for oblique pieces by using the secure clamp. With this product, you will receive all the necessary accessories to turn a regular angle grinder into a chop saw.

Enjoy the ability to use the stand for all types of projects that includes different materials such as wood, plastic, tiles, and metal. Your cuts will be performed safely and with much precision, never use your grinder freehand again!

I hope this guide helped you decide which stand is the ideal one to add to your collection of workshop tools. If you own an angle grinder, it is only logical that you would also own your own DIY angle grinder stand.

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