Top 10 Best Garage Sinks Reviewed

A garage sink is used for cleaning up the grate on the grill, filling buckets to mop the garage floor, and a lot of things. The garage sink is an important fixture as we accomplish a lot of hard-working tasks there.

Garage sinks are meant to be durable since they may be used to keep heavy stuff. In addition to that, these utility sinks are larger and built to be more durable compared to other sinks.

So, it is necessary to buy the best garage sink that will suit your needs.

Best Garage Sinks

Best Garage Sinks Review

1. LDR Industries Utility Sink

[amazon fields=”B00B1NLE9Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”LDR Industries Utility Sink”]

The utility sink comes with a tub, a non-metallic double hand pullout faucet, adjustable lever legs, stainless steel supply lines, PVC pipe drain connection with a P trap, thread tape, washers, nuts, and a rubber drain stopper plug out of the box.

The pullout faucet that comes with this garage room sink can be pulled out an extra 20 inches. It also comes with an added garden hose adapter.

This sink will make your life so much easier. You can use the sink as a slop sink and use the hose to clean out your soiled clothes and equipment.

You can fill up a cleaning bucket with hot water, and you don’t even have to hold the heavy pail up to the faucet.

Does your floor have an uneven surface? No need to worry. You can use the levers of the adjustable legs to balance it properly. So, you can install this sink even if you haven’t finished the construction of your garage yet.

Be it for home or commercial usage, this sink will be the perfect addition to your garage. You can clean up almost anything and fix your worst messes.

There is a ledge on the side of the sink, so you can keep a bar of soap, a sponge, or any cleaning product.

This sink is made of heavy-duty thermoplastic. So, it is rust and stain-resistant, and the rugged texture ensures that it is fit for a lot of uses.

Sleek design, durable body, and lots of convenient features – these three are all you need to describe this garage sink.

Highlighted Features:

  • Included Stream or Spray pull out faucet
  • Best for home and commercial use
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Straightforward Installation
  • Comes with all the necessary parts
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Detachable and adjustable legs

2. JS Jackson Supplies 19 Gallon Garage Room Sink

[amazon fields=”B081D4JZHT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”JS Jackson Supplies 19 Gallon Garage Room Sink”]

Looking for a garage room sink that can hold a lot of water at once? This durable thermoplastic sink comes with a sturdy set of metal legs that will keep your sink stable even if you completely fill it up with water or keep some heavy items on it.

The thing that we love about this sink is its ability to be customized for the customer’s needs. You can install any faucet based on your aesthetics or purpose.

You can even install a side sprayer, a soap dispenser, and several other tools since it has lots of knockout holes.

Talking about holes, there are seven of them. These holes are 1 inch in diameter, making them great for installing 4- or 8-inch center or side faucets.

Even if your faucet has a diameter bigger than the holes in the sink, you can simply enlarge any of them by drilling.

You will get a 19-gallon tub, black metal legs with adjustable floor levelers, different stainless steel supply lines for hot and cold water, a p-trap, and a user manual out of the box.

The sink is 33 ¾ inches high with the legs attached and 23 3/8 inches deep, and 22 7/8 inches wide. The thermoplastic build will ensure that the sink retains its durability, and you don’t have to worry about rust.

Highlighted Features:

  • 19 Gallon thermoplastic sink
  • Customizable
  • Accommodate multiple faucet types
  • Sturdy metal legs
  • You can install additional accessories
  • Rust-free durable material
  • Does not come with a faucet

3. Bonnlo 304 Stainless Steel Garage Sink

[amazon fields=”B07VQMN3DQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Bonnlo 304 Stainless Steel Garage Sink”]

This Bonnlo 304 Stainless Steel sink is one of the top rated stainless steel garage sinks. The legs have adjustable levers. This ensures that the sink remains stable on unlevel floors and protects them from scratches.

The entire body of the sink is made of premium 18-gauge 304 stainless steel, which ensures that your sink is protected from rust and corrosion.

The tub has a capacity of 10.5 gallons, so you can keep in a lot of dishes, laundry, or anything else. It is 18 inches long, 15.8 inches wide, and 8.8 inches deep.

The legs can extend the sink up to 34 inches in height, and the backsplash is 4.7 inches long. The top of it is 40 inches wide. The drainboard is 18 inches long and 22 inches wide.

The tall backsplash will ensure that your walls won’t be stained by dirty water. It doesn’t come with a faucet, but the backsplash has a mounting hole 1.25 inches in diameter.

This utility sink contains a proper drainage system at the bottom of the tub. So, the water will drain well instead of staying at the bottom of the sink until it evaporates. This is extremely helpful as it will ensure that the sink does not become prone to rust.

You will get a sink with a drainboard, one drain strainer, and four detachable sink legs out of the box.

You don’t have to worry even if you see a few scratches, as this sink is made for commercial purposes. So, you can do heavy-duty work without worrying about rust or corrosion.

The corners are curved, so you can easily clean them up. The basket strainer will filter out the garbage, which will allow the water to get discharged quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid construction
  • Large capacity
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Rust-free stainless steel build
  • Tall backsplash to protect your walls
  • Comes with a drain strainer
  • Good quality stainless steel legs

4. Gridmann 1 Compartment NSF Stainless Steel Garage Room Sink

[amazon fields=”B00M87C57Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Gridmann 1 Compartment NSF Stainless Steel Garage Room Sink”]

Be it a kitchen or a garage – this utility sink is suitable for every room. Made of 18-gauge #304 stainless steel, you never have to worry about rust and corrosion.

It comes with a large bowl with a lot of room to wash your dirty items. It also comes with a pre-drilled backsplash 10 inches long that you can use to mount your sink on the wall. The sink also comes surrounded by a 1-inch wide drip channel.

Cleaning this sink is very easy and comfortable due to its rounded edges and corners. In addition to that, it comes with a stainless steel basket strainer.

The legs are galvanized, adjustable, and non-marring, and it will eliminate any wobble on uneven floors. Plus, it is easy to assemble.

There are 8-inch on-center faucet mounting holes that can be drilled to 1 ¼ diameter to fit standard faucets. The drain connectors are designed to fit a standard 1 ½ inch tailpiece/trap.

The sink in overall is 30 inches wide, 29 ½ inches long, and 36 ½ inches high, and the backsplash is 44 inches high. The bowl is 24 inches long and wide and 14 inches deep.

The sink is designed to work in a commercial environment, so you don’t need to worry even if you see some scratches.

You get a basin with four legs, a basket strainer drain, hardware for assembly, and some additional tools out of the box.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of durable 18 gauge steel
  • Large basin to keep all your dirty items
  • Rounded corners for easier cleaning
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a basket strainer
  • Commercial grade stainless steel
  • Rounded edges and corners for easier cleaning
  • Sturdy legs
  • Does not come with a faucet

5. Bonnlo Commercial 304 Stainless Steel 2 Compartment Garage Room Sink

[amazon fields=”B07TWZT2FV” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Bonnlo Commercial 304 Stainless Steel 2 Compartment Garage Room Sink”]

This garage room sink is made of premium quality 18-gauge stainless steel that has superior corrosion resistance and does not oxidize easily. The overall design is strong and durable, so the sink can provide long service in most environments.

The sink is 35.8 inches long, 21.3 inches wide, and 36.3 inches tall. The top of the backsplash is 40.2 inches long. The bowl is 14 inches long, 15.4 inches wide, and 8.7 inches deep. Each basin can hold 9 gallons of water, so you can accommodate lots of dishes and laundry.

There are 8-inch faucet centers (does not come with a faucet).

The stainless steel cross braces along the legs act as excellent support and increase stability. There are adjustable levelers which you can use to protect your floor from scratches and keep the sink stable even on uneven floors.

There is a 4 inches tall backsplash guard that will prevent your wall from getting stained by dirty water. The overall design is sleek while ensuring that the sink is functional and practical.

All you need to install in this sink are the legs and the drain. It also comes with a 3 ½ inch stainless steel basket strainer. You can clean it very easily.

This sink is great if you want to sort your things and clean them separately as there are two compartments. Each compartment is large enough for washing hands, cleaning tools, etc.

The basket strainer meets US standards, and the water gets discharged very quickly while efficiently filtering out the garbage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium build
  • Large size
  • Solid and sturdy frame
  • Well-planned design
  • Comes with two compartments
  • Basket strainer meets US standards
  • Commercial grade stainless steel design
  • Easy to install

6. JS Jackson Supplies Utility Room Sink

[amazon fields=”B084C83NSC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”JS Jackson Supplies Utility Sink”]

This is a garage tub with a classic and simplistic design. But what catches the eye the most is its thick legs that ensure that you get a secure and stable fit no matter where you keep the utility sink. The legs have built-in levelers to ensure that the sink remains flat and comes with a black satin finish.

This garage room sink is perfectly designed to work as a traditional utility sink that you can use to drain excess water from your washing machine or clean and dry your mops.

There is a small ledge on the side of the faucet that can act as a shelf, or you can keep your sponges and cleaners on there. People who do remodeling and construction jobs will love this workshop sink.

You can use the pullout faucet for both streaming and spraying. You can use this workshop sink as a slop sink where you can keep your soiled clothes and hose them down. You can use this sink to store hot water or as grooming tubs for your pets.

The faucet is made using ABS plastic and has a chrome finish. This, equipped with adjustable and thick legs, make it the best fit for a garage or workshop that is unfinished.

The tub is made of virtually indestructible heavy-duty thermoplastic and comes with a drain that is molded in. It is rust and stain-resistant, so you can do as dirty a job as you want.

The overall design is rugged and meant for rough use. The legs have pre-cut holes that you can use to bolt the basin to the ground.

The setup and installation process is very simple, and the sink comes with a guide that gives you illustrated and step-by-step instructions.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique leg design
  • Well suited for home and commercial use
  • Solid tub design
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Made of virtually indestructible thermoplastic.
  • Pull out faucet comes with the sink
  • Thick legs to keep the workshop sink stable
  • Available in a variety of colors

7. Trinity THA -0307 Basics Stainless Steel Utility Sink

[amazon fields=”B07PTXWC8Z” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Trinity THA -0307 Basics Stainless Steel Utility Sink”]

This sink is NSF certified and constructed using premium quality 18-gauge 304 heavy stainless steel. The stylish and sleek design can act as a great addition to your garage or workshop.

The smooth corners and edges of the sink ensure that you have no difficulty when cleaning it. Since it is resistant to heat, you can keep it out in sunlight when doing laundry, cleaning pets, or washing veggies and other stuff.

The basin is 18 inches wide, 16 inches deep, and 13 inches high, making it perfect for tight spaces. There are raised ribs around the sink bowl to allow you to keep additional accessories next to the faucet.

This utility sink is not exactly designed to be mounted on a wall, but you can do so with a few configurations. You can use this as a drop-in sink if you want.

It comes with a single-handle chrome-plated brass faucet. You will also get the hoses out of the box.

The legs are made of 18-gauge 201 stainless steel and come with pre-installed levelers.

The drain has a simple design with no inner basket. There is a backsplash made of stainless steel that is 6 inches tall and has the Trinity Basics logo printed on it.

Highlighted Features:

  • NSF certified
  • Designed with 18-gauge durable stainless steel
  • Can hold 300 lbs of weight
  • Comes with all the necessary mounting hardware
  • Legs are also made of 18-gauge steel
  • High weight capacity
  • The levelers are made of plastic

8. Carterner Fllor Mount Garage Sink

[amazon fields=”B08515JWLF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Carterner Fllor Mount Garage Sink”]

This sink is best for fitting in tight spaces. The molded tub is designed with polypropylene and composite materials. It can accommodate a dual handle faucet that has a diameter of 4 inches.

The sink is 13 inches deep, which is suitable for keeping your dirty laundry, uniform, or cleaning your pets. The integrated molded drain is leak-resistant and comes with a stopper. The tub is large enough to hold two queen size bed sheets. 

You can detach the legs anytime you want and keep them somewhere safe. The overall design is extremely sturdy and anyone can set it up easily.

The legs are tall enough. So, you do not have to bend too much when washing your things or pets.

Even if you do not attach the legs, the base of the tub itself is raised enough. So, drainage will not be hampered even if you keep the tub on the ground.

You can move the basin inside and outside your house anytime you want. The basket strainer that you get with this excellent tub ensures that you keep the grit out of your drains whenever you wash something.

Another thing that we liked about Cartner is its customer support. If you receive a faulty product or see that some parts are missing, you can immediately contact them using the contact details provided.

They will deliver you the proper products right at your doorstep. They will even contact you personally after the delivery to ensure that you are satisfied with the products.

The sink has a ribbed underbody which adds additional support so that you can hold larger amounts of water.

We can tell you one thing – this garage sink provides excellent service at this price range. In fact, their customer service is also amazing and everyone who bought this product is extremely satisfied.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fit for compact spaces
  • You can install dual handle faucets
  • Extremely affordable
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to store somewhere else
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Can accommodate a dual handle faucet
  • Can hold 20 gallons of water
  • Does not come with a faucet
  • The walls of the sink are thin

9. VETTA Grey Utility Garage Sink

[amazon fields=”B07YF2YSTW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”VETTA Grey Utility Garage Sink”]

This utility tub for the garage room is made of durable metal and plastic, and you can use it for years.

The tub is deep and can hold 19 gallons of water, so clean off as much laundry as you want. The drain stopper plug comes included with the tub.

The metal legs will ensure that the tub remains stable even when it is filled with water. The foot levelers will allow you to ensure that the bottom remains flat no matter where you keep the sink.

Once the package is delivered to your home, you will get a tub, metal legs, foot levers, black high arc, supply lines, drainage with a stopper, and everything else you need to install the sink. You will also get a step-by-step guide to help you with assembly.

This garage sink is 33 ¾ inches high, 22 7/8 inches wide, and 23 3/8 inches deep.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with all tools and hardware you need
  • The sink is made of high-quality thermoplastic
  • A high arc black faucet comes with the sink
  • Easy to install
  • Practical and convenient
  • The plastic tubes are not made of PVC

10. Zenna Home Ergo Tub Sanitation Station

[amazon fields=”B00C6A4ZQ2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Zenna Home Ergo Tub Sanitation Station”]

If you are planning on buying a garage sink that can act as more than a sanitation station, this is the ideal product for you. This heavy-duty freestanding workshop sink can be used for cleaning, drying, or washing goods and dirty clothes.

You get a non-metallic pullout faucet out of the box. In addition to that, the sink basin also has pre-drilled holes, and you can use any standard 4-inch faucet.

This tub can hold 20 gallons of water, and the front of the basin has been designed in a way that you can easily get access to your additional accessories like a sponge, soap, etc.

The sink is 36.75 inches tall and 14 inches deep, so you don’t have to bend over too much to reach the bottom of the tub.

One thing that we really liked about this tub is the towel bar that comes with a chrome finish.  You also get a utility hook on each leg of the sink, and there is a shelf below the tub where you can store your tools and other equipment.

You can even use the shelf as a work surface which will be helpful for keeping your laundry discharge hose guard or keep your soap dish attachments. You also get an additional washboard attached to the tub.

All the necessary plumbing tools and connections are provided with the sink.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty garage sink
  • Pull out faucet included
  • Ergonomic design
  • Full of useful features
  • Can hold 20 gallons of water
  • Holes for center faucets come pre-drilled

Garage Sink Buying Guide

If you plan on buying a garage sink, you might be thinking about using it for the long term. So, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you visit a store to buy the sink.

Installation Types

There are four ways you can install the garage sinks:

a.    Drop-in

b.    Under-mount

c.   Floor mount

d.    Wall mount.

Drop-in garage sinks can be placed into a hole that is cut on the countertop or any work surface. The sink will remain below the counter, while the rim of the sink will remain on top. You can keep your soap and cleaning materials on the rims.

Undermount garage sinks are placed into the hole in a way that the edges of the sink remain hidden under the counter. You won’t be able to use the rim for keeping accessories, but it will make your cleaning easier.

If you spill water or anything else, you can clean it easily since the rims will be hidden and won’t cause an obstruction.

Wall mount garage room sinks are extremely helpful if you don’t have any countertops or have limited floor space. Plus, they have a unique look compared to their undermount and drop-in counterparts.

We install them as standalone units, and the holes for mounting are made on the sides of the basin instead of the bottom. These utility sinks will make cleaning the floor below the sink much easier.

Floor mount garage sinks act the same way as wall mounts, and you don’t need countertops. Floor mount sinks have the easiest installation process as you don’t need to drill or cut anything.

In addition to that, you can place the sink in any place that has access to plumbing lines. Floor mount sinks come in multiple shapes and sizes. Select one according to your preference.

There is also another type of portable sink that you can place on wheeled carts and move them from one place to another. These types of sinks have really long supply lines. These sinks are very useful in garages, camps, healthcare facilities, etc.


The material of the sink also plays an important role in selecting the ideal utility sink for you. There are primarily five types of materials are available for garage room sinks.

a.    Fiberglass

b.    Porcelain/ceramic

c.   Stainless steel

d.    Cast iron

e.    Plastic

Fiberglass and acrylic sinks are designed to be durable while ensuring that the sinks are light and easy to maintain. Acrylic sinks are non-porous, so they are resistant to stains. These sinks are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some companies mix different materials to reinforce garage sinks.

However, these sinks are not heat or chemical resistant, and they can get scratched easily. You should never use or keep abrasive chemicals on sinks made of fiberglass and acrylic. Also, be careful when you are handling sharp items like blades and scissors to ensure that the sink doesn’t get scratched.

Most drop-in and undermount garage sinks are made of porcelain or ceramic. They look good and have a smooth texture. Plus, they are very strong and durable. Some porcelain sinks have a cast iron base that is covered with a baked porcelain veneer finish to tolerate more pressure.

However, ceramic sinks have a chance of getting chipped or stained. While porcelain sinks can handle a lot of weight, make sure that you do not drop any heavy objects on them. Also, make sure to clean up the sink as soon as you make a mess to prevent stains.

Stainless steel sinks are the best sinks that you can use in any harsh environment. That is why they are often used in garages and labs. They are rust-resistant, and you can clean them easily. They are extremely durable and can resist heat and chemicals, and come in lots of shapes and sizes.

The only drawback of using steel sinks is that it makes an annoying noise when water falls on the base. Plus, they can be more expensive compared to fiberglass or ceramic.

You can buy stainless steel sinks that are coated with noise dampening materials.

Cast iron garage sink has been used for decades by manufacturers. They are strong and are coated with enamel that protects them from harsh chemicals, hot water, and harsh cleaners. However, the enamel wears off over time, making the iron prone to rust. You will need to reglaze them.

Plastics like thermoplastic or polypropylene are used to make smaller and more economical sinks. Some of them are extremely resistant to heat and other harsh chemicals. However, they are expensive.

Plastic sinks are light, so they are used a lot when designing floor mount sinks. They are easy to clean and don’t corrode.

Bench Space

How much space can you allocate to the sink? You must ask yourself this question before buying a garage sink to avoid any complications later.

When choosing the installation type of your sink, also check the size that you can allocate for your sink. Then check the dimensions of the sink that you are planning to buy.

If you don’t find a sink with the exact dimensions, see how much space you can adjust on your garage and decide whether you want to buy a bigger or smaller sink.

Faucet Type

Firstly, consider the design of the faucet that you want to buy. Decide whether you want a pullout faucet or not. Then, you need to choose the material that the faucet will be made of. Some of the most popular materials are chrome, brass, copper, steel, and nickel.

Then you need to choose the type of spout of the faucet. You can choose between aerated and non aerated ones. You also need to choose whether the faucet will have single or multiple modes (like stream and spray).

Selecting the right valves is necessary as well. You will not see any immediate changes, but it will affect the long-term durability of the connections.

Basket Strainers

Some garage sinks come with basket strainers while others don’t. Whether you are going to need a basket strainer on the drain or not depends on how you are going to use it. 

If you want to wash down dirty items and there is a chance that solid material like rock, dirt, or soil may get inside the drain and clog it, buy sinks with basket strainers. If you are sure that now the solid product will pass through the drain, a normal sink would be enough.

Can you Put a Utility Sink in the Garage?

Yes, you can put utility sinks in your garages. However, there are places where there is a risk of the drain getting blocked due to freezing in the wintertime.

You can take some steps to ensure that the drains don’t get blocked due to frost.

  • Use frost-free hose bibs.
  • Keep a baseboard heater in your garage.
  • Put drain cocks underneath the sink.
  • Use antifreeze in the p-traps.
  • Automatic garage doors sometimes open up automatically if there is an obstacle in front of it. Take necessary steps to prevent that so that the cold air doesn’t come in.

Putting a sink in the garage makes cleaning extremely easy since you can use the space as a laundry room. Plus, you can clean yourself up a bit before you go back into your house.

You may need to call a plumber to install the sink since understanding how the water line works may be confusing for you.

Common Materials

Garage sinks are made with various materials. Which one is the best among them? The answer depends on how you plan on using it, your aesthetics, and your convenience.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel garage sinks can be really useful as they are lightweight, and you can clean them easily. Their resistance to heat and chemicals makes them great for workshops, laundries, and labs

Moreover, most sinks made of stainless steel are designed for commercial use, so they are sturdy and can handle rough use.


You can use garage sinks made of plastic as they can be moved around easily, and there is no chance of rust or corrosion. Plus, drilling holes and installing a faucet in plastic sinks is much easier compared to steel, iron, or ceramic.


Ceramic garage sinks have a premium look, and they don’t make much noise when waterfalls on them. However, they are porous and can be prone to stains unless you clean them regularly. Also, they are not suitable for rough use.

Cast Iron

Cast iron garage sinks are extremely durable and perfect for rough use, but you need to reglaze them and put a coat of enamel regularly to ensure that it does not get rust.


If you are using your garage as an art workshop, then acrylic or fiberglass sinks would be a great choice. They are resistant to stains, and you can get several reinforced variants.

However, since they are prone to scratches and cannot tolerate abrasive chemicals, you won’t be able to use them as all-purpose sinks.

Best Place to Install the Sink

You can place the garage sink in the mudroom area of the garage, where you would do most of the cleaning. This would be an excellent choice as most of the washing is done in the garage, and your internal rooms will not be soiled.

If you want, you can even place the sink near the entry/exit of the garage. This can be helpful when you are exiting your garage and getting into your house.

If you plan on doing some mechanics or woodwork, then this might be the ideal place for your garage sink. You can clean your hands and clothes before you enter or exit your shop.

If you need to wash your hands frequently when working, then keep the sink near your work table. If you are an artist, or you have a lab in your garage, this position might be helpful.

Also, as we mentioned before, do not forget to take measures to prevent the formation of frost in your sink in the winter. And keep it a little bit far from the garage door.

When you are installing the sink, make sure that you keep the sink in a place near the supply lines of hot and cold water. Also, build a proper drainage system before installing your drain.

Here’s How I Install a Utility Sink in a Garage

To install a garage room utility sink, you may need to have a little bit of knowledge about plumbing. However, this guide will help you in installing your sink.

Install the water lines

Find the exposed hot and cold water pipes on the wall and screw a compression coupling on the end of both the pipes using a wrench. Make sure that the coupling is tight.

Then, attach one end of the copper tubes to the end of each pipe. Use the compression fitting to attach the tubes to the pipe and tighten it using a crescent wrench.

Mark each pipe for hot and cold water using a marker, which will help later.

Installing the drainage system

Find the drain hookup pipe and coat its threads with the plumber’s putty. Then, install the Y fitting in a way that one-half of the fitting points towards the roof and the other half points on the floor.

Insert and screw the flange part of the drain assembly to the Y part that is pointed towards the roof. This section will include the strainer. In case you want to install a garbage disposal unit, you can use a flange extender.

On the other half of the Y pipe, attach the P-trap. This will ensure that no external air or gas enters the drainage system and creates odor.

After that, attach the main drain line and secure it with the plumber’s putty.

Installing the sink

Construct the countertop where you would place your sink while keeping the dimensions and the weight of the sink in mind.

Make sure that the base below the sink is sturdy.

After that, mount the sink onto the top. Then use silicone putty all around the sink’s edges to create a watertight seal.

Install the faucets and the water lines to each of the handles of the faucet. Then, connect the sink drain to the drainpipe using the assembly kit that is provided with the sink.

Apply coatings of plumber’s putty and silicone glue to make the connection leak proof.

Run the water for a few minutes to check if there are any leaks in the connections. Check each component, like p-trap, Y pipe, couplings, etc.

If no water is leaking out, that means you have successfully installed your utility sink.


LDR Industries Sink would be suitable for a large and medium-size garage. The sink has a sleek and dark design which I loved as soon as I saw it. The pullout faucet wasn’t made of good quality plastic, but I haven’t faced any issues when using it.

The body of the sink is durable. Since it is made of thermoplastic, it has high heat tolerance, and you never have to worry about corrosion. The installation is pretty simple s well.

I hope, this guide will assist you to choose the best garage sink according to your needs.

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