Top 7 Best Synthetic Oil Brands for Air Compressor

Synthetic oil is a lubricant that consists of artificially created chemical compounds. Synthetic air compressor oils outperform a lot of the conventional oils available because of their formulations.

That said, some air compressor oil works better than others and it is important to look at the features.

The best synthetic air compressor oil reduces the amount of energy your air compressor will use. It helps decrease the friction between the various components of your motor. It also ensures that your air compressor lasts longer.

A great thing about these synthetic air compressor oils is that they do not freeze even when they are in low-temperature areas. Since these oils keep your air compressors healthy, there are many brands that have come up with them.

Top Synthetic Oil for Air Compressor

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7 Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil Reviews:

Best Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

1. Powermate PX 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

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The Powermate PX P018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil stands out from many compressor oils because of how efficient it is in reducing wear.

It is a SAE 20, or W20 product. As the name suggests, it is fully synthetic at ISO 68 grade. To be more precise, it has 25% more wear protection compared to synthetic blend oils. This extends the compressor pump’s life.

It also ensures that the discharge valves are kept safe from any harmful carbon deposits. This applies especially in places with extremely wide temperature ranges.

Whether you use this synthetic compressor oil in an area with high temperatures or at a place with lower temperatures, it works just fine. Its flash point is 460°f (238°c) while its pour point is 40°F (-40°C).

It will result in a very gentle sound that’s more bearable. At a temperature of 0°F, it performs better than standard compressor oils by about 50%.

The Powermate PxXP018-0084SP 100% Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil can be considered a bit costly.

However, while it may not be the cheapest in the market it is worth its price. This is because it works in both summery and chilly winter areas so you can always rely on it for great performance.

It is also highly recommended because it has a high viscosity, a factor that makes it perform better in wide pumps temperature range.


  • It offers increased protection from wear so your air compressor lasts longer
  • Its high viscosity enables it to perform better in a wide pump operating temperature range
  • It is an all-season synthetic compressor oil that works in both summery and winter weather
  • It provides 25% better protection for your compressor pump compared to synthetic blend oils
  • Compared to synthetic blends, it starts at 10°colder giving you better performance
  • It has a flash point of 460°f (238°c) and pour point of 40°F (-40°C)


  • It is costly compared to a lot of air compressor oils

2. Royal Purple Synthetic Compressor Oil

[amazon fields=”B004PL9BVY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Royal Purple Synthetic Compressor Oil”]

The Royal Purple Synthetic Oil comes highly recommended if you are after a lubricant that promotes long life. It is a SAE 30 or otherwise referred to as a W30 nondetergent oil. It works best for 2 stage air compressors, making them more efficient and reliable.

The Synfilm Recip creates a seal that reduces the amount of friction formed between the piston rings and the cylinder wall to ensure this reliability.

It’s known to reduce the wearing of your air compressor by ensuring its discharge valves remain free from carbon deposits that cause harm to your compressor.

This synthetic non-detergent compressor oil is highly popular among auto fans and professional racers globally. This is because it ensures you get the most optimal performance as it prolongs the life of your engine.

It’s able to do this thanks to the Synerlec component that makes it more viscous.  It, therefore, rapidly separates from water.

This oil also gets rid of annoying sounds from your engine enabling your machine to operate in a cooler and quieter manner. The non-detergent oil works best in areas that are mostly hot and humid.


  • Promotes longer oil life
  • It comes with synthetic solvency
  • It helps in conserving energy so that your compressor works better
  • Excellently protects from corrosion by reducing friction
  • Easily separates from water which also protects your engine
  • It has high film strength


  • It is mostly effective in hot and humid areas
  • It costs more than most other non-detergent air compressor oils

3. DEWALT Air Compressor Synthetic Oil

[amazon fields=”B0008GLW9Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”DEWALT Air Compressor Synthetic Oil”]

The Dewalt D55001 is a non-detergent compressor oil that works in all weather conditions. regardless of how hot or cold, it is outside. It is highly viscous, standing at ISO-100 viscosity, and is a SAE 30 or 30W product.

This synthetic compressor oil, therefore, improves the efficiency of your air compressor. It does this while giving your compressor maximum lubrication and superior protection during extreme weather conditions.

This D55001 gets rid of carbon build-up on the valves of your compressor. It also makes it easier for you to start up your air compressor in lower temperatures. The synthetic compressor oil also comes with anti-wear protection that ensures your compressor has a longer life.

You, therefore, do not have to worry while using it as your air compressor’s parts will stay intact for much longer.

This synthetic non-detergent compressor oil works great for up to 200 hours. This is equivalent to about a year’s use between any oil changes.

It can be used with any air compressors that need pump oil. It works regardless of whether you have a portable or a heavy-duty air compressor.

It comes in a great bottle, well-sealed and the amount of liquid in it is 32 fluid ounces. For best results, you are advised to follow the manual from the manufacturer that comes alongside the product.


  • It is compatible with any compressors that need pump oil
  • It can last a whole year without you having to conduct an oil change
  • It provides maximum anti-wear protection
  • It works in the most extreme temperatures
  • It is highly viscous making it more efficient
  • Its compressor valve prevents a build-up in carbon


  • It is a bit costly compared to other different compressors
  • Warranty is only available on request

4. ACDelco Automatic Transmission Fluid

[amazon fields=”B01EKMGG92″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”ACDelco Automatic Transmission Fluid”]

The ACDelco Dexron VI Automatic transmission fluid is a more recent synthetic compressor oil. It’s from the reputable Dexron series. This oil facilitates consistency when it comes to shifting performance.

It works well even in the most extreme weather conditions. It’s a synthetic compressor oil with a long life so count on it to degrade very slowly over time. With it, you get value for the amount you spend on it as it also makes your air compressor perform better.

With the ACDelco Dexron VI Automatic transmission fluid, you will also experience an extended drain interval.

This synthetic compressor oil is best for vehicles that have certain requirements. They include those that have been fully approved and licensed by GM. It also works for other vehicles that require Dexron VI, III, or even Dexron II (E).

Note however that this synthetic compressor oil should not be used in Continuously Variable Transmissions that need more specialized oils or fluids.

Should you choose to use this compressor oil, ensure that you switch it in case it gets contaminated. You should also follow all the required guidelines by the manufacturer when using this oil for the best performance.


  • It is backward agreeable with other Dexron fluids that were available before it. It makes it a more improved choice or replacement for vehicles that used previous fluids from Dexron.
  • It offers more extended drain intervals
  • It provides a longer transmission life
  • It facilitates improved fuel use
  • It is highly viscous hence the great performance
  • It provides great aeration and foam control


  • It can be contaminated by metals and other types of engine fluids
  • When worn out, it causes strange and annoying noises

5. Triax Kompressor MV ISO 46 Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

[amazon fields=”B081HHYFMB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Triax Kompressor MV ISO 46 Full Synthetic Air Compressor Oil”]

The Triax Kompressor MV is a multi-viscosity synthetic compressor oil. It’s a fully synthetic premium oil that is meant for use in joints, vane, and also reciprocating types of air compressors.

This is a SAE 20 or a 20W compressor oil. It is a premium compressor oil that contains high quality synthetic base oils. It is also made through excellent chemistry which makes it offer excellent performance from your air compressor. This remains the case even in longer operating times.

It has a superior load-bearing capacity, at more than 800 to 1000% higher compared to a lot of conventional synthetic compressor oils. It also has a highly durable film strength that prevents contact between metals regardless of how high the operating temperature is.

It works in all seasons regardless of how hot or cold it is, working continuously in high temperatures and giving a -50 F arctic grade.

It is also a multi viscous oil, which is a feature that keeps this fluid’s requirements minimum. As such, it gets rid of the need to use either higher or lower viscosity oils in wider temperature ranges.

It also provides exceptional protection for your bearing eliminating unnecessary vibrations on it. Compared to many other different lubricants, it provides a longer component life of up to 20,000 hours.

You should, however, avoid using this oil on breathing air pumping compressors or oxygen compressors. It is also not suitable for LPG compressors that have been fitted on pipelines that carry natural gas.


  • It provides the best bearing protection eliminating vibrations
  • It works throughout all seasons
  • It functions exceptionally regardless of long operating hours and extreme temperatures
  • It offers full synthetic advanced protection
  • Its highly durable film strength prevents contact between metals
  • It has multi viscosity that gets rid of the need for either lower or higher viscosity fluids


  • It is not recommended for LPG air compressors that have been fitted on pipelines carrying natural gas.
  • It doesn’t work well on breathing air pumping compressors

6. Jenny Air Compressor Ultimate Blue Synthetic Oil

[amazon fields=”B07CTTFHFF” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Jenny Air Compressor Ultimate Blue Synthetic Oil”]

Another one on our synthetic compressor oil list is the Air Compressor Oil 100% Synthetic 1 QT Quart Jenny Ultimate Blue 105-1209. It is a non-detergent synthetic air compressor oil with ashless antiwear additives in it.

This oil is a SAE30 or 30W one in terms of viscosity. It is also 100% synthetic and made from the latest technology making it better than most blend oils.

Compared to petroleum-based oils, this non-detergent compressor oil provides you with the most superior performance. It has therefore passed the strictest industrial standards.

It is also highly viscous which also contributes to its excellent performance. The Air Compressor Oil 100% Synthetic 1 QT Quart Jenny Ultimate Blue 105-1209 facilitates superior oxidation.

In areas with high temperatures, it offers great thermal stability and rapid start-ups. With it, you will also experience the faster flow of oil to those critical parts of your air compressor even at lower temperatures.

This synthetic compressor oil is best for use in both single and multi-stage vanes. It is also recommended for reciprocating compressor crankcases, vacuum pumps, and other applications of your air compressor.


  • It is 100% synthetic and has been made with the latest synthetic technology
  • It gives more superior protection compared to a lot of other petroleum options
  • It gives excellent thermal stability as well as oxidation
  • It can be used for so many air compressor applications
  • It enables quicker flow of oil even at low temperatures and generally rapid start-up in wide temperature ranges
  • It stops carbon build-up in the valves


  • Its plastic container is not good for the environment
  • It’s a slightly costly synthetic compressor oil

7. Amsoil Synthetic Commercial Grade Air Compressor Oil

[amazon fields=”B071ZZPCVW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Amsoil Synthetic Commercial Grade Air Compressor Oil”]

The Amsoil Synthetic Commercial Grade Air Compressor Oil ISO-100 is a premium synthetic non-detergent compressor oil based on the newest technology. It is available in a SAE 30 and SAE 40 weight.

It combines the highest quality synthetics with some of the best anti-foam additives. As such, it gives your air compressor protection even in hotter areas or temperatures.

This synthetic compressor oil also offers long life. It operates for up to 8,000 hours offering great performance.

During this time, it remains a low maintenance product which is why it easily falls under the best air compressor oil list. With it, you will also not incur heavy costs when it comes to waste oil disposal.

With it, you will also experience less friction. It resists an increase in viscosity that could be a result of oxidation. The excellent foam control will also reduce heat while you use it. It is also hydraulically stable, resisting acid formation.

It easily separates itself from water and is anti-rust. It also comes with many anti-oxidant additions that help it in resisting carbon, varnish, and the formation of acid.

With the 1 Quart Amsoil Synthetic Commercial Grade Air Compressor Oil ISO-100 you can be assured of the best protection for your compressor, especially in hotter areas.


  • It is made from the latest synthetic technology around
  • Its great foam control enables it to keep heat under control while it’s in use
  • It is a low maintenance synthetic compressor oil
  • It resists formation of rust
  • It assures longer life of up to 8,000 hours of operation
  • It ensures great performance of your air compressor


  • This synthetic compressor oil is expensive compared to a lot of other oils
  • It can expose you to harmful chemicals for example lead that could affect your health

Best Synthetic Oil for Air Compressor Buying Guide


Normally, the contents of any air compressor oil are written on the bottle or the packaging it comes in. As such, ensure you check the ratios of the mixing ingredients to ensure there is a proper balance.

This also ensures you get an original product. Depending on the air compressor that you have, you can pick either a detergent or non-detergent compressor oil. Use the right one to avoid experiencing problems in the long run.

Temperature Range

Before you decide on which air compressor oil to buy, check its temperature range first. In some cases, a certain type of oil may have great viscosity but still fail to operate as per your expectation in certain temperatures.

This is especially when the temperature is below freezing point or if it’s about 120F. If you live in places that experience such extreme temperatures, you should buy models that will maintain the right viscosity regardless.

Also, keep in mind that the air compressor also produces heat.

Viscosity of the Oil

Different oils come with different textures which is what is referred to as its weight or viscosity. With the right kind of viscosity, the oil you choose will result in that much-desired smooth operation.

Higher viscosity means your oil is thick while a lower viscosity on the other hand means that your oil is more watery. For most compressors, air compressor oils of about 20 and 30 weights will maintain viscosity accordingly.

However, this significantly depends on how you intend to use your compressor. A 40 or 50 weight option is preferred for high temperatures.

Oil Change Frequency

It is necessary to change your synthetic air compressor oil regularly. How often you are required to do this will be indicated on your oil manual. A DIY air compressor user is required to change their oil yearly to keep it functioning well.

An onboard air compressor user should change theirs after about 4000 hours of operation. If you have a rotary compressor, then you need to change it once in three months.

Industrial air compressor users are advised to change theirs every 300 hours. The oil you choose should definitely depend on your air compressor model and the recommendations of the manufacturer.


There are so many oil brands around and this might make it difficult for you to choose the best one for you. However, to make things easier, it is advisable to use an oil that is from the exact brand of your compressor.

However, note that this is not compulsory but always get that nondetergent oil that meets the requirements of your compressor.

Types of Air Compressor Oils

Air compressor oils can be either standard mineral air compressor oils or they could be synthetic air compressor oils.

Whichever you choose between these two highly depends on how often you use your air compressor. Mineral compressor oils are the standard choice for air compressors. However, in comparison, synthetic oils go through a lot of processing.

If you do not use your air compressor a lot then the standard mineral oil will be suitable for you. They are also cheaper than the synthetic option.

In contrast, for heavy-duty use, synthetic air compressors will give you that smooth operation, have a better temperature range, and protect you from overheating.

How to Add Oil to an Air Compressor

It is advisable to change your air compressor oil regularly, but how do you add the oil to your air compressor? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Warm the compressor

First, you need to note that oil in any compressor runs easily when warm. Therefore, leave your compressor in the sun for a while before you start the entire process of adding oil into it.

Step 2: Allow free air flow

You need to allow air to flow with ease to the sump. To facilitate this, open the fill port.

Step 3: Set your drain funnel in a good position

You will need to contain your oil, so set whatever you’re using as a drain catchment in the right position, and then open your drain plug. Be careful because the oil could be hot.

Step 4: Replace the drain plug

Get a different drain plug and replace the one that was initially there. Afterward, wipe any residues of the oil from the surface. This enables you to notice if there’s a leak.

Step 5: Pour the oil into your fill port

To add the fresh compressor oil to your air compressor, pour it into your fill port. Ensure you add it until it gets to your compressor’s required oil level. You can always check this on the manual.

Step 6: Change your oil fill cap

After you have added the oil into your air compressor, it is advisable that you replace your oil fill cap. With these few and simple steps, you will have successfully added your compressor oil into your air compressor.


1. What Kind of Oil should I Put in my Car?

When it comes to the oil type that’s suitable for your car, it is advisable that you get a type thin enough for those cold start situations. At the same time, the oil you choose needs to be thick enough for when your engine gets hot.

Consider this, oil gets thinner when it is subjected to heat, and thinner when it is subjected to the cold. It is therefore highly advisable that you get yourself a multi-viscosity oil, which is also known as multi-grade oil.

2. What Weight Oil Should I Use?

Most people prefer to use multi-viscous oils compared to using monograde ones. This is because they have additives that prevent oil thinning.

Weight of around 20 or 30 helps you maintain the right viscosity. However, choosing a weight of between 40 or 50 is best if you are going to be operating in warmer areas.

3. Can I use Motor Oil in my Air Compressor?

In most cases, compressor oils are advised for air compressors because of the fact that they are non-detergent. However, you can use motor oil on your air compressor as long as it’s in a 20 weight or 30 weight.

Always remember to look at your preferred motor oil specs first before you use it on your air compressor.

4. How much Compressor Oil do I Need?

You should generally check the instructions on your air compressor to find out just how much oil your compressor needs. You will find that information on the manual that comes alongside your air compressor when you first buy it.

In case you’re still uncertain, you can contact the manufacturer for more information on the recommended amount of compressor oil.


There are several synthetic air compressor oils on the market and as such it’s not easy to select. However, from our list, the best synthetic air compressor oil is the Royal Purple Synthetic Oil 1 Quart.

Compared to any other synthetic compressor oil, this one stands out as it will give you the longest life and best performance. It is a non-detergent synthetic air compressor oil that is highly recommended by motor fans too. They trust it because of its high viscosity and the fact that it prolongs the life of the engine.

With this synthetic oil, you can say goodbye to those annoying sounds from your engine. You’ll be able to enjoy the most optimal performance in a quieter environment. You’ll enjoy it even more in case you are in a hotter, more humid environment.

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