Garage Party Decoration: How to Cover Garage Walls for a Party

Turning a garage into a party room is a great idea when you are short of space. To set in the party vibe, you can cover the garage walls. And you don’t have to be an interior designer to know how to cover garage walls for a party.

There are tons of garage party decoration ideas. You can use vinyl or metal coating to cover the garage walls. Painting is another aesthetic option. Moreover, you can simply use temporary covers. A temporary solution is the cheapest way to cover the garage walls for a party.

For a permanent setup, you can install a steel or PVC frame. This way, you don’t need to decorate garage walls before every party.

Now, let’s look at quick garage conversion for a party.

How to Cover Garage Walls for a Party

Can you turn your garage into a party?

If you don’t have enough space in your backyard or living space, you can turn your garage into a party. A garage is the most versatile part of a home. But turning a garage into a temporary party room takes a lot of patience.

Just think about it; a garage space associates equipment lying around or boxes filled with extra stuff. But if you can rearrange the space appropriately, you can transform your garage into an additional party space.

Still, there’s a problem. The garage walls can ruin the whole party atmosphere. That’s why you need to cover garage walls and decorate them appropriately.

What should you do to get a garage ready for a party?

Here are things you need to do to prepare for your garage party:

Ensure Safety First

It’s evident that you don’t spend a lot of time in the garage. Most of the time, it’s a messy place where boxes or other stuff are lying around. In short, it’s not a safe place to roam around. That’s why you must prioritize safety first.

Your safety measures should include:

  • Checking the garage wall for wear and tears
  • Whether the garage door is working perfectly or not
  • Air conditioning or Insulation system to reduce heat
  • Conducting an expert check on the garage

Properly Clean the Space

Now, you need a complete garage overhaul. Remove any unwanted things to increase space.

Make sure the garage is not messy anymore. Clean all the residue and dust so that the space is comfortable enough for the guests. Also, get rid of any foul smell.

Choosing a theme and decoration plan

Next, you need to choose a theme and devise a party decoration for the walls. You can cover the walls with posters, flyers, notes, pictures, or handcrafted paperwork. You can find a lot of party decoration plans online.

Foldable Furniture and Lighting

Foldable Furniture and Lighting

It’s always convenient to use foldable furniture for your garage party. It helps you gain additional space while the party goes on. Also, make sure the lighting system is not overwhelming for the guests.

How to Cover Garage Walls for Party

Step 1: Paint the Garage Wall

Before you start decorating, it’s important to give the garage walls a new look. And using a fresh coat of paint on the garage boundary wall is the best way.

Start by removing the edges on the drywall. Now, you can’t waste plenty of time on painting walls. You can use a roller to paint walls. Also, keep a smaller brush to paint the edges of your walls.

Most of the time, we forget to paint the garage ceiling. Make sure to paint that part too.

Note: Those who don’t have enough time for painting can use curtains to cover garage walls for parties.

Step 2: Covering the walls

You can cover the garage walls with vinyl, metal sheets, or plywood materials.

Using fresh paint to cover the garage wall is enough. But to increase the visual appeal, you need a level wall. That’s why use vinyl or metal coating to cover garage walls.

We think the best way to cover garage walls is using plywoods. Plywoods are versatile and durable. Not to mention, they are adaptive to any decoration style.

Step 3: Covering the Walls for Soundproofing (If You avoid Plywood)

Most of us fail to notice this small thing at first. Nowadays, you can get soundproofing foam panels. These foam panels are visually appealing and can reduce any extra noise inside a garage.

You can cover the walls with foam panels and use metal or vinyl coating instead of plywood. 

Step 4: Hire an Electrician to Install Extra Power Outlets

Set power lines to connect the garage door openers, air conditioning system, lights, etc.

Now, the garage floor never equips too many power outlets. So, you better hire an electrician to install additional power outlets. Why? If you want to cover the gloominess of your garage wall, a lighting setup is the key.

And when you have a well-distributed power outlet, you can get creative with the lighting. That’s another good way to cover garage walls.

Note: So, when you hire an electrician, he can assess the garage wall. Not to mention, they can help you elevate your plans.

Step 5: Get a Fancier Lighting Setup and Decoration

Now, an essential element for garage party setup is the lighting setup. Don’t go for cheaper lighting. Try to buy or higher an advanced lighting setup for decorating the garage walls. For decoration, it’s always a great idea to use homemade ideas or paperwork.

How to temporarily set up your garage for a party?

Step 1: Use a broom to clean the garage floor. If you have enough time before the party, paint the floor too. This helps achieve a cleaner look. Furthermore, try to get rid of any foul smell.

Step 2: Cover the walls with vinyl, paint, or other materials. (Go back to the step by step instructions above)

Step 3: Now, use a foldable table or chairs to set up the party. This way, you don’t have to worry about a shortage of space. Organize the tables and chairs so that guests can move around without any problem.

Step 4: Set the food bar alongside the wall. Now, you better use a corner that won’t cause any trouble for moving around. Getting creative with the food bar is always best for garage parties.

Step 5: Install a music system in the corner of your garage. You can place a speaker in the garage and connect your smartphone’s music player. Additionally, adding a disco light can create a party environment.

Step 6: Finally, decorate the garage the way you like. Use crafts or plastic tablecloths to cover the garage walls. Also, get string lights to cover the whole ceiling.

What can you use to cover garage walls?

No matter how you think, garage drywalls are mandatory for the safety of your house. But if you host a party in the garage once in a while, covering the walls is essential.

Even you know there are many things you can use to cover the garage walls. But which ones maintain the fire code? Here we list some of the things you can use to cover garage walls:

Plastic Tablecloth

For temporary parties, plastic tablecloths are the best choice. They come in different colors and designs to enhance the decoration. You can remove them afterward.

Metal Panels

Metal panels are stylish and pretty easy to install. You can find them in different finishes, and they can cover drywalls perfectly.

Solid Cement Board

Even though a costly option, solid cement boards are the best option to attach crafts or lighting setup in your garage.

Wood Sheathing

If you want a more classic or indoor kind of vibe in your garage, wood sheathing is a cost-effective option.

Garage as a party space benefits

Is decorating my garage for a party a good idea? Well, of course, it is.

Here are 3 benefits of turning your garage into a party venue.

You Get Plenty of Space

When hosting a party inside the garage, you need to prepare it. Once you start the preparation, you can get rid of any unnecessary things from there. And once you are done, you can notice a moderate space there.

There is ample space on the garage floor. And when you don’t have enough space to host a party indoors or in the backyard, the garage is the right spot. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about messing up the indoors anymore.

Instead, you can use a space where you can invite many people without worrying about indoor damage.

You Can Get Inventive with Decoration

Using your garage as a party venue is fun. Just think about it; attaching crafts and posters the way you want is always enjoyable.

Also, you can paint the walls. Not just that, most garages have cement floors. So, you can even paint the floor to match your party code.

No Need to Hire a Party House Anymore

This is by far the best benefit of hosting a party inside a garage. You don’t have to hire a party house to gather your dear ones. And when you create a party space in your garage, you are sure to host parties for just about any occasion to cheer for.

How to make your garage wall coverings look extra fancy

Install Wall Lighting

Installing wall lighting enhances the outlook of your garage. So, when guests come, they think this place is made to party.

Also, wall lightings are cost-effective and won’t boost your electricity bills. What’s more, wall lightings come in different advanced lighting option that helps change the mood according to your preference.

Create a Custom Wall Cabinet

You can create a custom wall cabinet so that you can use it as a food bar or keep the belongings of your guest. It can also serve as a music center or media center.

Use Moisture Blocking Paint

Garages tend to stay damp no matter the weather. A damp wall can affect your decoration and lighting system. So, you better use moisture-blocking paint to color the walls.

Install New Door to Get Inside Your Home

If you are using your garage as a party venue for every occasion, install a new garage door to go inside your home. Making the garage door ready for a party can save you plenty of time.

Get Mini Split Air Conditioning System

You can find some good mini-split air conditioning systems on the market to control the temperature of your garage space. This will make your party space look fancy.

Wrapping Up

I think you have everything you need in this article. Remember the things that you can DIY and the things you have to call a professional. If you have the time, preparing for the party is going to be more fun than the party.

It’s always a good idea to go for a permanent solution for the garage walls. This way saves you from extra effort each time you hold a party. You can paint the walls or cover them with vinyl, metal coating, or plywood. Make sure you focus on soundproofing and decoration facilities.

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