Porter Cable vs Bostitch Air Compressor: Here’s What I Found

Porter Cable Vs Bostitch air compressor, which one do you prefer? Both Porter Cable and Bostitch air compressors are renowned for their efficiency and durability.

They are both ideal to use at home and commercial purposes as well. Both of them come pre-lubricated, meaning that they are oil-free air compressors.

Though both of them carry out the same tasks and are similar in many ways, they come with a little bit differences.

After comparing the porter cable and Bostitch air compressors, you will know the uniqueness. You will also discover the weakness and strengths of each brand.

Porter Cable vs Bostitch Air Compressor

What is Porter Cable Air Compressor?

It gets made by a reputable company known as Porter Cable Company, located in the United States of America.

Though it gets manufactured in the States, this air compressor is famous beyond borders, thanks to its high quality and unique features.

If you are looking for an air compressor to serve you for many years, the Porter Cable air compressor will help you right. But you need to take good care of it to enjoy its services for an extended time.

Ensure you clean it after use and store it in a safe place. When dust or mud gets stuck in its bearing, the air compressor starts malfunctioning, and the parts may break down.

You can perform both professional and small tasks with it, making it ideal to use in your garage, home, workplace, or small industry.

With its pancake design, you can move it effortlessly from one point to another, especially if of a smaller tank capacity.

The materials used in its making are of top-notch quality, a feature that attributes to the Porter Cable air compressor’s longevity. Thanks to its rubber feet, the air compressor stays still when in operation and does not make much noise.

It comes with a water valve to allow the condensed water out of the tank. The tank capacity differs with size. You can find machines with tank capacities ranging from 1 – 5 gallons.


  • Large Porter Cable air compressors can power many tools if it contains a 5 – gallon tank capacity.
  • There is no much maintenance since you don’t have to oil it.
  • It works quickly.
  • It is easy to start.
  • Very efficient.
  • The air compressor is made with a tough casing and lasts long.
  • It recovers within two minutes.


  • Produces low volume noise when in operation.
  • The air compressor with a 5 – gallon tank capacity can be heavy to carry around.

What is Bostitch Air Compressor?

It gets made by the Stanley Black and Decker subsidiary company known as Bostitch. Like the Porter Cable Company, Bostitch Company gets based in the USA, but it influences other countries. Thanks to its optimal output.

You work peacefully with this machine and can operate it in noise-restricted areas because it produces little noise while in use. It comes with so much power to run several tools at a go.

You get to connect the devices at the compressor’s various connection points.

But it may not work out well when sinking several nails at once. You will encounter buffering issues. It is also not ideal for industrial or high workload purposes, but it will work out great with slightly over mid-range applications.

The Bostitch air compressors come with tanks of various capacities. A compressor with 6 – gallon capacity can carry out multiple projects like carpentry for a long time without refilling the tank.

Also, it doesn’t take much of your time when refilling because it recovers within 25 seconds.

Some Bostitch air compressors come crafted small, making them easy to carry around. You also don’t have to worry about its maintenance because it does not need regular oiling.


  • Refills tank very fast.
  • You can use several tools at once.
  • It comes with well-constructed controls.
  • It does not require oiling.
  • Easy to use.


  • It may consist of a short power cord.
  • It comes at a high price.

Differences Between Porter Cable and Bostitch Air Compressor

Difference 1: Cost

The Porter Cable air compressors come at lower costs compared to the Bostitch air compressors. What’s impressive is that despite their pocket-friendly prices, they produce satisfactory results.

As a first-timer, this tool is ideal for you as you don’t need to spend much on a tool you are gaining experience with. Besides, using it is a piece of cake.

It is also suitable for any user with a tight budget. You will need to dig deeper into your pockets to own a Bostitch air compressor. Fortunately, you will enjoy value for your money because Bostitch air compressors last long and work efficiently.

Though the Porter Cable air compressors come with low costs, they don’t last long.

Difference 2: Usage Time

Both machines require you to turn them off after some time to avoid overloading the engine. Mostly, you will need to turn them off after every 45 minutes.

The difference is the duration of the break. You will need to keep the Porter Cable air compressor off for approximately 15 minutes. The Bostitch requires only a 10-minute break.

The 5 – minutes’ difference is a lot when working on a large workload. Every minute matters. You can use the break time to refill the tanks.

Difference 3: Weight

Though both air compressors come lightweight, the Porter Cable air compressor is a bit heavier. You will comfortably carry around a Bostitch air compressor than a Porter Cable air compressor of the same capacity.

Both of them come as pancake air compressors to make them portable. If you can carry a Bostitch air compressor, you also can move the Porter Cable air compressor because the difference isn’t that much.

But if you are concerned about the load you want to carry, the Bostitch air compressor will be the better option as a light load. Both of them even come with plastic handles to help you move them with ease.

Difference 4: Noise Level

While comparing both air compressors with others on the market, you will find that they are the quietest ones. But when comparing both types of the same capacity, the Porter Cable air compressor may produce less noise than the Bostitch air compressor.

An excellent example is when comparing the Bostitch BTFPO2012 with the Porter-Cable C2002. The Porter-Cable produces approximately 75.8 decibels of noise while the Bostitch releases around 82 decibels.

The Bostitch air compressor noise level may be higher because it comes with a powerful motor. Though there is a difference with the noise levels, you can hardly recognize it because it is small.

If you care about the people’s peace within and around your home, using a Porter Cable air compressor will be a wise idea.

Difference 5: Parts

air compressor Parts

The materials used in the air compressors’ parts differ. A Bostitch air compressor comes with top-notch quality parts. Those of the Porter Cable air compressors are not of the best quality.

That’s why it’s crucial to immediately drain off water from the Porter Cable air compressor’s tank because it may rust quickly.

The lower parts of the Porter Cable air compressor also consist of poor-quality plastic, explaining why you need to clean them properly. The components may accumulate scum quickly, damaging or making them malfunction.

Some parts can break or snap if not handled with care. As a result, you will keep on replacing the pieces, making the Porter Cable air compressor expensive in the long run. No wonder the Bostitch air compressors last longer than the Porter Cable air compressors.

Difference 6: Compactness

When comparing the two air compressors of the same capacity, the Bostitch air compress is more compact. It comes smaller in size, making it lighter and easy to store. But the difference isn’t much. If you have space and are looking for a cheaper option, the Porter Cable air compressor will work out great.

With the above differences of both the air compressors, you can quickly know the machine you require. But despite the above information, you may find yourself struggling with some issues about the two air compressors.

To help you answer some of the questions lingering in your mind, check out the following answers to some frequently asked questions.


1. Which Air Compressor is Better, Bostitch or Porter Cable?

None of them is better than the other. It depends on the task on hand and your budget. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly air compressor, the Porter Cable air compressor will be the best option.

It is also ideal for a learner to use. Porter air compressors are suitable for small tasks at home and the workplace, as explained above.

But they don’t last long and cannot carry out extensive workloads like a Bostitch air compressor.

If you are looking for a powerful and compact air compressor, the Bostitch air compressor would be the best option. But you will have to spend much of your hard-earned money to own one.

2. Who Makes the Porter Cable Air Compressor?

As explained earlier, it gets made by the Porter Cable Company, which is a subsidiary of the Stanley Black & Decker Company.

The company is located in America and sells air compressors all over the world. The Porter Cable air compressors are famous and widely used globally.

3. Is Bostitch Owned By Dewalt?

Both Bostitch and Dewalt are subsidiaries of the Stanley Black & Decker Company. Both have a right to sell the tradesman’s pneumatic, mechanic hand tools, and power tools under their brands.

Bostitch Company sells the Bostitch air compressors, among other devices.

As illustrated above, both the Porter Cable and Bostitch air compressors are high-quality, powerful, and efficient tools.

The two machines have garnered a lot of fame and support from users all over the world. They both perform similar tasks with similar devices, making it a hard nut to crack when choosing between the two.

Despite their similar potential, each comes with its uniqueness, as demonstrated above. The Porter Cable air compressor is ideal for inflating tires, hobbyists or budding users as it is easy to use and cheap to buy.

The Bostitch air compressor is perfect for professionals and has more than a medium workload. As explained above, a Porter Cable air compressor comes with parts made with average quality materials.

If you have problems choosing between a Porter Cable and Bostitch air compressor, look at the differences outlined above.

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