The Best Way to Raise a Garage Door Track

Raising the height of a garage door is easy to do. You can raise the garage door height by adjusting the garage door opener limit.

Moreover, you can use the garage door opener to control how you open and close the garage door height.

Besides the improved security, it offers, adjusting the door of your garage to the desired height improves the energy efficiency of the garage door. A garage door that doesn’t close completely can allow cold drafts or space for animals to creep in. This is why it is essential to raise or adjust the garage door height.

To give the garage door an optimal height setting, you must set the garage door opening limit. Adjusting this limit ensures the garage is sealed properly when you close it and also provides enough space for your cars, trucks, and objects that are large to pass through when opened.

This guide contains the steps to follow that will allow you to raise the height of the garage door without encountering any issues.

Best Way to Raise Garage Door Track

Can I raise the height of my garage door tracks?

You can raise a garage door at least 4 to 8 inches. This process also involves changing your garage headroom.

Changing the headroom height may be more complicated than simply increasing the width of the garage door tracks, but this task is doable.

The garage headroom is an area just above the doorway and under the roof. Based on the structural design, the headroom is framed.

Raising the garage doorway height may require that you redesign the headroom and also raise the roof.

When raising the garage track, the hardware containing the lifting mechanism must be replaced. You will need another track to give additional height.

The new set of hardware will include a set of drums, cables, end bearings, and springs. You can prop up the garage interior and use a hydraulic lift to increase the roof height. But you must be careful here because an unstable roof will require extra support.

How to raise a garage door track

Before you begin the process of raising the height of your garage door, you must first remove the garage door opener and track.

Another option is for you to tear down one of the sidewalls of the garage and rebuild it to make more room, then install a new door.

Before you raise the height of your garage door, you should purchase the following tools from the store:

  • Sturdy Ladder
  • Hand Tools
  • Leather Gloves
  • General Maintenance Supplies
  • Safety Gear
  • Locking Pliers and Clamps
  • Winding Bars

Step 1 – Begin preparation

preparation for raise a garage door track

Drive your vehicle away from the garage and place the ladder directly under the garage door track. Adjust the height, and ensure it is leveled and stable before you take any further steps.

Step 2 – Find the height limit adjustment screw

Find the height limit adjustment screw

The placement screws should be visible on the sides of the garage door track. Screws are usually made of plastic and are labeled with “down” and “up” or “close” and “open”. Once you found it, you can adjust the height of the garage door.

Step 3 – Adjust the garage door height

Now you can adjust the height of the garage door in this phase. You can turn the “open” or “up” screw clockwise if you want to increase the height or space of the garage door, while you can turn the “close” or “down” counterclockwise if you want a small space after you have closed the garage door.

Simply put, the “open” or “up” screw increases the garage door height and the “close” or “down” screw reduces the space below the garage door when you close it.

Step 4: Test the limit

Test the limit of garage door track

Before you make any further adjustments to the screw, it is necessary to test whether the garage door track height limit has met your requirements.

So, check the garage door track to be sure you have adjusted the height to the level you desire.

The garage door remote control can be used to estimate the opening height of the door by closing and opening the door 3 times or more.

If you haven’t adjusted the height to your desired level, climb the ladder again and adjust the height limit again.

Step 5: Adjust the closing height

If the door does not close completely, then you have to adjust the garage door track height limit again. Just turn the “close” or “down” screw in one quarter turn counterclockwise.

First turn the screw only a quarter-turn, check that the height limiter is set correctly, and then adjust it. Repeat step 4 to ensure the door can now close completely.

In case you still have an open space left, turn the “close” or “down” a quarter-turn counterclockwise. Keep repeating this process until you have gotten the required height setting.

How to support a garage door

Garage doors are probably the most durable doors in your home because of their several uses. But they can still break.

Occasionally, you should check the parts on your garage door. Look for springs, coils, or worn-out cables and damaged rollers.

Tighten the loose screws, sand, and repaint the cut wood surface. But, do not touch wires that are marked in red or labeled “don’t touch”. These parts normally have wires connected that should only be adjusted by professionals.

Make sure the tracks and the other mechanical door parts are properly lubricated (some don’t apply grease as it tends to attract debris, so apply as little as necessary).

Check the insulation under the door. Open and close the door to check if it is secure. Replace it if there are gaps. This way, you can stop heat loss. Remove all types of dirt and grime.

If your garage door is made of modern materials like glass, aluminum, or natural wood, ensure it is properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The tips above show how you can properly support and maintain your garage door, and you can do this yourself.

Cost to raise garage door tracks

The standard measurement of a single garage door is 8 feet in width and 7 feet in height, while the standard measurement of a double garage door is 16 feet in width and 7 feet in height. 

It is not uncommon for new homes to build garage doors that are wide and tall, and this may be a result of tall trucks and bigger vehicles.

You can often increase the width and height of your garage door beyond the standard measurement. You can increase the measurement of a single garage door to 9 feet width and 8 feet high.

Single garage doors that are 9 feet wide and 8 feet high cost between $400 and $2,800. Purchasing a new garage opener and installation tool will cost you around $250-$600.

Double garage doors can be increased to 18 feet width and 8 feet high; the cost will be between $800 and $5,500.

The garage is part of the underlying value of every home. So, having a complete understanding of how to increase the height of your garage door is vital. Once you understand how to adjust the garage door, you won’t be worried about buying big vehicles that may not fit into your garage.

Adjusting the height of a garage door is relatively easy. However, the task is not for people shy of doing home improvement projects.

I hope you find these step-by-step instructions on how you can quickly adjust the height of your garage door helpful.

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